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  • Master Yi DoubleStrike.png Double Strike is similar to Caitlyn 凯特琳Headshot.png Headshot. It is very useful when farming minions. Gathering stacks on it by attacking minions, then attacking the enemy on the seventh strike is an effective harassment method.
  • AlphaStrike.png Alpha Strike's multiple-target component has a deceptively long range. You can target minions near an enemy champion to harass them.
  • AlphaStrike.png Alpha Strike can also be used defensively. Since it includes a dash function, you can dodge skillshots. Also, Master Yi Master Yi is untargetable during the teleport, so AlphaStrike.png Alpha Strike can be used to dodge AoE nukes such as Nunu 努努Absolute Zero Absolute Zero if timed properly.
  • If you're in a lane against ranged players, leveling up Meditate.png Meditate can allow you to stay in the lane longer and gain levels faster than the opponents.
  • Use Meditate.png Meditate if you are being focused on, as the bonus armor and magic resistance greatly reduces your damage taken.
    • Meditate.png Meditate is especially useful when an opponent is trying to turret dive against Master Yi Master Yi. He can stand next to the turret and use Meditate.png Meditate to hold off damage from the opponent while they are repeatedly being hit by the turret.
  • When you are being chased, hiding in a brush and channeling Meditate.png Meditate can give you the upper hand against the enemies. However, do not do this if they can still defeat you after the Meditate.png Meditate.
  • Be aware that Blinds can effectively cut almost all of Master Yi Master Yi's damage if not using an ability power build.
  • When playing ability power Master Yi Master Yi, remember that Highlander.png Highlander refreshes all your cooldowns on a kill. Try to cast AlphaStrike.png Alpha Strike so it will result in a kill. This may seem like kill stealing but it will greatly increase the damage the other team will take.
  • Highlander.png Highlander can be used as an effective escape tool, especially with Ghost.png Ghost used at the same time. it is also incredibly great at chasing enemies because you cannot be slowed and gain a movement speed boost.
  • Triggering WujuStyle.png Wuju Style and Highlander.png Highlander when combined with various melee increases makes Master Yi Master Yi a high damage dealer, if for short periods. It's especially effective in destroying towers.
  • WujuStyle.png Wuju Style combined with AlphaStrike.png Alpha Strike are very strong for last hitting minions.
  • Master Yi Master Yi is one of the best backdoorers, Activating Highlander.png Highlander and WujuStyle.png Wuju Style then attacking a turret can take it down very fast.



  • Due to Master Yi AlphaStrike.png Alpha Strike chance to hit monsters for extra damage, Master Yi Master Yi can jungle very well even though he doesn't have natural sustain besides Meditate.png Meditate in the jungle. His ganks can be very powerful if your team mate lands CC on the enemy.


Doran's Shield  Berserker's Greaves  幽梦之灵 
最后的轻语  守护天使  基克的使徒 
Vampiric Scepter  Berserker's Greaves  Zeal 
Sanguine Blade  Infinity Edge  Odyn's Veil 
Proving Ground's
Chalice of Harmony  Sorcerer's Shoes  灭世者的死亡之帽 
Lich Bane  莫雷洛秘典  Void Staff 


  • Master Yi Master Yi's strength is his biggest weakness. His main damage output is his auto-attacks. Therefore, buying a Item.png Thornmail or Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart will help you defend yourself.
  • When Yi uses Meditate.png Meditate, it is better to use a form of crowd control (especially silence or knockup, as these interrupt him) than attempting to deal damage.
  • Using Exhaust.png Exhaust on Master Yi Master Yi can cripple his damage output, even during Highlander.png Highlander.
  • Slow is ineffective when Master Yi Master Yi uses Highlander.png Highlander.
  • Master Yi Master Yi excels at backdooring. Keep this in mind and be particularly aware of your mini-map.
  • You can use Ignite.png Ignite on Master Yi Master Yi during Meditate.png Meditate to reduce his healing by half but it will not stop him from channeling the spell.
  • When Master Yi Master Yi is laning AP mid, he relies on Meditate.png Meditate, thus making champions that can apply Grievous Wounds / healing reduction strong counterpicks (such as Fizz Fizz).
    • This also makes building Item.png Morello's Evil Tome viable for countering, giving both AP and the active effect of Grievous Wounds.
  • Remember that Master Yi WujuStyle.png Wuju Style only gives him the bonus when the spell is not on cooldown, making Master Yi Master Yi weaker when WujuStyle.png Wuju Style is on cooldown.
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