2009 Snowdown Showdown
英雄信息 背景故事 游戏技巧 皮肤与轶事


Chinese artwork编辑

  • Classic skin
  • Recon Teemo
  • Badger Teemo
  • Astronaut Teemo
  • Cottontail Teemo


  • 提莫由 Ezreal设计.
  • Teemo was one of the first champions to introduce a dance change. His dance was changed to the famous Badger Song dance.
  • "Teemo" is an anagram for "Emote".
  • Teemo can be seen in the Scout.png Scout mastery icon.


  • 提莫头像.png Badger Teemo is a reference to the flash cartoon Badger Song created by British animator Jonti Picking, alias Weebl.
  • 提莫头像.png Happy Elf Teemo's Splash Art contains a snowman in the background which resembles Urgot Urgot.
  • 提莫头像.png Astronaut Teemo's mushrooms are changed to receiver dishes, his darts are changed to laser beams, he walks in low gravity, and also makes his voice sound like it's coming from a radio.
  • 提莫头像.png Cottontail Teemo's mushrooms are changed to eggs, and he hops when moving instead of walking.
    • Teemo's Cottontail skin is a reference to the cottontail genus of rabbits, and possibly the fictional Peter Cottontail.
    • Riot has formally acknowledged the presence of a 'global taunt' when using the Cottontail Teemo skin.
  • 提莫头像.png Superhero Teemo's color scheme references Superman.
    • 提莫头像.png Superhero Teemo's mushrooms become levitating shields with a T on them. He also flies during the active of 小莫快跑.png Move Quick, while a trumpet plays the famous "DA DA DA DAAAAA!".
    • The skin may be a reference to some Justice League members branding Superman as a big blue boy scout.
    • The skin price was revealed by the comic book style artwork that the skin was revealed in. The price of the "comic" indicates 975 RP, which is the price of the skin.
  • 提莫头像.png Panda Teemo uses Zongzi, replacing the mushroom of 种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap, which indicates that this skin was likely created for celebrating the traditional Chinese Duanwu Festival.
    • The exact date of the festival varies every year in modern calender. In 2012 it was 23 June.


  • Teemo and Tristana Tristana became close friends after joining the League, and are rumored to be a couple.
  • Teemo shot Veigar Veigar down after his failed attempt to steal The Mothership.
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