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  • 作为逃跑手段,有时候站着不动从而使用隐形的翅膀.png 隐形的翅膀比使用小莫快跑.png 小莫快跑回城.png 回城更好。
  • 与其他的潜行技能不同,提莫 提莫在被击飞时会失去隐形的翅膀.png 隐形的翅膀效果。
  • When playing Teemo Teemo not in mid lane, an easy way to get First Blood is to use 隐形的翅膀.png Camouflage just out of range of their turrets' sight or at the edge of the bush closest to their turret, and wait for the enemy champion to start farming. When they move about right next to you, Ignite.png Ignite and kill them with the help of the mid lane champion if necessary. Exhaust.png Exhaust would be useful with this strategy.
  • 小莫飞刀.png Blinding Dart can be used to harass effectively and can help Teemo Teemo kill physical champions in fights.
    • 小莫飞刀.png Blinding Dart with Exhaust.png Exhaust can destroy a champion who relies heavily on physical attacks like Tryndamere Tryndamere or Caitlyn Caitlyn. Apply exhaust or the blind first, then the other after that has worn off. If you use both at the same time, the blind will override the attack damage/ability power reduction. Similarly, you can use these two abilities on two champions, effectively taking them out of the battle for a few seconds.
  • 小莫飞刀.png Blinding Dart can be used in-between autoattacks, which allows 2 rapid-fire attacks. This is extremely important to learn how to use throughout the game. Opening with a normal attack, immediately using 小莫飞刀.png Blinding Dart, then proceeding to autoattack will apply great burst damage, even during laning. Try mastering this combo to use it on the fly and you'll increase your ability power/attack speed damage tremendously.
  • If 小莫飞刀.png Blinding Dart is used on Fiora Fiora before she activates her ult BladeWaltz.png Blade Waltz it will stop the damage from the attacks but the on-hit affects will still apply, this will dramatically decrease the damage taken. This also applies to Warwick Warwick's ult Infinite Duress Infinite Duress.
  • Use 小莫快跑.png Move Quick to get back to lane quicker.
  • 小莫快跑.png Move Quick can also be used to get from lane to lane very quickly, allowing you to help out in fights all over the map.
  • Using Ignite.png Ignite with your poison can ensure kills on fleeing enemies.
  • One strategy is to place some 种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap in your lane and wait for the enemy to push. After this, go into 隐形的翅膀.png Camouflage. Then, after the enemy runs into a couple of 种蘑菇.png Noxious Traps, use 小莫飞刀.png Blinding Dart and auto attacks to finish them.
  • Placing a 种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap or two behind the first turret and before the 2nd near the paths to the jungle but not in the minions' path can turn an almost kill into an easy kill.
  • Teemo 提莫种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap can be used to farm creep waves very effectively; it is best to keep your mushrooms spread out and not too close to each other. If a lane has enemy minions stacking on each other (especially the ranged minions), pop a 种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap down in the middle of them and watch them all die in just a few seconds.
  • Put a 种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap at key locations on the map, such as by the 20px Dragon or Baron Nashor Baron Nashor to reveal when your enemies might be attempting to kill them or to prevent opponents from ganking and make counter ganks. This is similar to a Stealth Ward (Item) item.png Sight Ward but the range that 种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap reveals is much smaller.
  • Put a 种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap inside brushes and entrances to your lanes or your team's side of the map to ensure maximum safety.
  • When fighting against a 20px Twisted Fate, be careful because if he uses Destiny.png Destiny any 种蘑菇.png Noxious Traps near any ally will be revealed.
  • When laying down 种蘑菇.png Noxious Traps in the jungle, keep in mind that the champion movement pathing often hugs the terrain as they take the shortest route to the selected location. Laying traps against walls at turning points will increase the chance enemies will run into them on their way to/from lanes.
  • Also, when laying traps in a lane, remember that minions travel through the middle, and if the front minion runs into it only he and one minion behind him will be hit. Placing them on the sides can increase the chances of hitting a champion.
  • Placing two to three 种蘑菇.png Noxious Traps by the enemy red or blue buff is generally a good idea considering you might just get lucky and steal it from them while slowing their farming down.
  • It's sometimes a good idea to place a few 种蘑菇.png Noxious Traps behind you before entering a teamfight, that way if you begin to lose, your team can run off and lead the enemy right into a minefield.
  • If planting mushrooms at 20px Dragon or Baron Nashor Baron Nashor, they will provide vision if placed off to the side.
  • Don't forget that 种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap can be placed down in team fights and only has a short time to arm (1 second). Doing this could secure a kill or slow down a enemy when he/she is trying to escape.
  • Keep in mind that 种蘑菇.png Noxious Traps have the damage power of the moment you place them and do not become stronger if you build extra ability power later. However when you level up and put a skill point in 种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap it will also upgrade the traps you already placed.
  • If you are suspecting a possible towerdive from an opposing champion, place 种蘑菇.png Noxious Traps behind and in front of your turret in order to slow and deal damage to the enemy.
  • If an enemy is engaging you at melee range, 种蘑菇.png Noxious Traps can be used to peel them off you by placing one underneath you and stepping backwards.



Doran's Blade  Berserker's Greaves  纳什之牙 
腐蚀之刃  Frozen Mallet  麦瑞德裂血手套 
Prospector's Blade  Boots of Mobility  Wit's End 
Ionic Spark  腐蚀之刃  Entropy 


  • Purchasing a Item.png Oracle's Elixir will help you see his 种蘑菇.png Noxious Trap or Teemo Teemo himself that is hidden with his 隐形的翅膀.png Camouflage.
  • When facing Teemo Teemo as a DPS champion that is auto-attack reliant, it is best advised to buy a Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash to remove the blind CC from his 小莫飞刀.png Blinding Dart.
  • Use a Health Potion item.png Health Potion when you are low on health and are affected by 毒性射击.png Toxic Shot, that way you can negate the poison damage from his 毒性射击.png Toxic Shot.
  • When chasing an enemy Teemo Teemo that enters 隐形的翅膀.png Camouflage, area of effect and skill shot abilities can forcibly cause Teemo Teemo to break stealth and attempt to escape. Knockback effects will break Teemo 提莫隐形的翅膀.png Camouflage as well.
  • When facing AP build Teemo Teemo during early game, they will typically poke and run, letting their poison deal damage and lowering your health gradually, until they are able to burst. Be prepared to pull away if he approaches, and use Health Potion item.png Health Potions to keep your health high.
  • Do not chase Teemo Teemo if he attacks once and then runs, particularly AP Teemo Teemo, as he is most likely luring you through a field of 种蘑菇.png Noxious Traps.
  • Because much of Teemo's early game poke is damage over time, the Indomitable Indomitable mastery is more effective in decreasing his poke damage.


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