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  • Powerball.png Powerball can interrupt jump moves such as Jax 贾克斯LeapStrike.png Leap Strike or Tristana 崔丝塔娜RocketJump.png Rocket Jump mid-jump.
  • DefensiveBallCurl.png Defensive Ball Curl increases Rammus Rammus's armor, which increases his damage due to SpikedShell.png Spiked Shell by (10/15/20/25/30).
  • Powerball.png Powerball can be used as an effective escape mechanism. It also has a slight knock-up effect, and this allows for you to run into pursuers to momentarily disable them.
  • As Powerball.png Powerball speeds up continuously after the initial cast, it's sometimes better to let it speed up in a brush before rolling at someone.
  • Flash.png Flash can be used while in Powerball.png Powerball to jump across a minion wave to catch your opponent off-guard.
  • Powerball.png Powerball can hit stealthed champions such as Twitch Twitch, Shaco Shaco, Akali Akali, or Evelynn Evelynn, dealing damage and knocking them back. It will also work against a 隐形的翅膀.png Camouflaged Teemo Teemo, knocking him out of stealth. This can be useful for chasing them if they go stealthed at low health.
  • You can use Powerball.png Powerball then use Teleport.png Teleport to be at a high speed when reaching your destination.
  • Powerball.png Powerball will damage and slow enemies reviving from pseudo death (Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel or Zilean 基兰ChronoShift.png Chrono Shift) or Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass, granting an easy kill.
  • PuncturingTaunt.png Puncturing Taunt can be used on enemies pushing your turret to make them attack you and causing the turret to attack them. It can also be used to take the focus off more squishy allies, allowing them to deal more damage than they would have had they been the focused target.
  • PuncturingTaunt.png Puncturing Taunt can also be used to "pull" enemies towards your team as an enemy will be forced to get into attack range to hit you. This is more effective with melee champions whose attack range is shorter than ranged ones.
  • When using Tremors.png Tremors, you can use all your spells to keep enemies in range of this spell in order to maximize damage. This is possible because the ultimate is not channeled.
  • Tremors.png Tremors affects turrets, making Rammus Rammus a very good pusher, especially lategame when he can tank the turret for his team.
    • Backdooring is a simple matter because you can easily use Powerball.png Powerball to run away before enemies catch up.
  • Rammus Rammus can use Tremors.png Tremors while using Powerball.png Powerball, making it very useful for destroying towers or champions that are low on health and escaping.


Building armor is necessary to put SpikedShell.png Spiked Shell to good use. Having a lot of armor will still result in a large amount of damage. However, do not disregard building magic resistance, as your high armor stat means nothing to the enemy team's AP mages.


Rammus Rammus is a strong jungler, with exceptional ganks. Powerball.png Powerball allows him to initiate ganks suddenly, and PuncturingTaunt.png Puncturing Taunt is a strong CC ability with a fairly long duration.


Doran's Shield  Boots of Swiftness  Aegis of the Legion 
Thornmail  Sunfire Cape  守护天使 
Ruby Crystal  Boots of Mobility  Warden's Mail 
兰顿之兆  Sunfire Cape  Frozen Heart 


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Rammus Champion Spotlight

Rammus Champion Spotlight

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