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  • Getting VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade early allows Shen Shen to farm well and stay in the lane/jungle due to its heal. KiStrike.png Ki Strike also allows Shen Shen to jungle along with VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade without taking to much damage. Because he uses energy instead of mana, the only reason to recall is when his health is low, so keep it high with VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade's heal.
  • VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade is effective for last-hitting due to its low cooldown and rapid energy regeneration.
  • VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade will also heal allied champions that attack the marked target. Try using it on siege minions to allow you and your laning partner to get a bit of a heal without killing the minion too fast.
  • In laning phase you can use the VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade to harass the enemy champion. Be careful when doing this, however, as its range is short, making you a good target.
  • VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade and Feint.png Feint combine to make Shen Shen a potential jungler.
  • Feint.png Feint can almost completely eliminate an enemy's damage early in the game.
  • Using Feint.png Feint at the right time can reduce the damage dealt to you by otherwise fatal ultimates, such as DemacianJustice.png Demacian Justice, Requiem.png Requiem and Absolute Zero Absolute Zero.
  • Feint.png Feint can be used offensively, as it doubles the cooldown reduction Shen KiStrike.png Ki Strike per auto-attack.
  • ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash unstealths enemies it hits, such as Evelynn Evelynn, Teemo Teemo, Shaco Shaco, and Twitch Twitch.
  • ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash breaks channels such as Katarina 卡特琳娜DeathLotus.png Death Lotus or Malzahar 玛尔扎哈NetherGrasp.png Nether Grasp.
  • Failing to hit a champion with ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash can severely cripple Shen Shen's energy for several seconds, limiting his capabilities.
  • Use ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash in team fights to give your carry the upper hand.
  • While using ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash, try to line up multiple champions to guarantee at least one successful taunt.
    • Bear in mind with recent changes, hitting more enemy champions is now better than just one for ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash's energy refund.
  • If an enemy is pushing your turret, ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash them; when they are forced to attack you, the turret will target them, dealing substantial damage.
  • If an enemy tries to tower dive you, a well used ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash can spell the difference between life and death, as it reduces damage for the duration of the taunt.
  • Use ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash through thin walls both to ambush and escape.
  • StandUnited.png Stand United relies on vision. During Nocturne 魔腾Paranoia.png Paranoia, Shen Shen cannot cast StandUnited.png Stand United unless they are in his line of sight; even hitting F1–F5 or clicking a champion portrait on the left will not allow you to target an ally until Paranoia.png Paranoia is finished.
  • StandUnited.png Stand United is also good for helping a teammate backdoor. The shield protects them from turret hits and you join them to supply additional damage.
  • StandUnited.png Stand United does not break the target ally's stealth, and produces no other visible effect. Use this to ambush enemies more effectively.
  • StandUnited.png Stand United can either save an ally or help gank an enemy, and can be combined with other global ultimates.
  • Shen Shen is a very powerful solo top thanks to his sustain and harass with VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade, KiStrike.png Ki Strike and can absorb any form of enemy harassment with Feint.png Feint.


Shen Shen is a natural tank; items that grant health and resistances are best for him.

  • Item.png Heart of Gold is a good item to get early, because as a tank you benefit from the health, and are also not as effective at farming or killing as other champions.
  • Due to KiStrike.png Ki Strike building some attack speed and health on Shen Shen is a viable choice, but reduces his potential tanking capabilities. Item.png Ionic Spark gives Shen Shen better pushing power from its passive, gives bonus attack speed, and the additional health, allowing more damage to KiStrike.png Ki Strike and VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade.
  • Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape provides both health and armor while making farming easier. In a bruiser build, it is usually paired with Wit's End item.png Wit's End to give Shen Shen many of the stats that he desires, health, magic resist, armor, and attack speed.
  • Item.png Shurelya's Reverie also synergizes well with Shen Shen as it allows him and his team to initiate a fight quickly or escape from a fight while providing decent cooldown reduction.
  • Nashor's Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth is a strictly offensive item but it offers Shen Shen a fair amount of useful stats, ability power, attack speed, and cooldown reduction.
  • Item.png Thornmail and Randuin's Omen item.png Randuin's Omen supplements ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash well since enemies are forced to autoattack him. Since Item.png Thornmail calculates reflection damage before damage mitigation, it will reflect full damage while you are taking reduced damage. Randuin's Omen item.png Randuin's Omen can lower enemies attack speed to reduce their damage to Shen Shen as well as his teammates.
  • Warmog's Armor item.png Warmog's Armor and other high-health items boost the damage of KiStrike.png Ki Strike quickly. Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter can be viable since it increases StandUnited.png Stand United's shield strength, provides health, and provides Shen Shen with a cheap ranged slow via VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade. Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet is useful for more health and a more constant movement speed slow than Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
  • Item.png Deathfire Grasp increases the potency of all of your abilities, and Shen Shen's natural role as a tank puts him in a better position to use its active. Consider purchasing a Item.png Kage's Lucky Pick in place of a Item.png Heart of Gold when you build Shen Shen to set up for Item.png Deathfire Grasp purchase.
  • A variety of aura items synergize with Shen Shen. Aegis of the Legion item.png Aegis of the Legion is a useful item to help in early teamfights. Locket of the Iron Solari item.png Locket of the Iron Solari is a great choice providing a couple of tanky stats with active synergizing with his supportive role and the items it builds from make laning easier and its active helps in teamfights. Item.png Zeke's Herald grants useful health and cooldown reduction as well as a very useful aura.


Doran's Shield  Mercury's Treads  Aegis of the Legion 
兰顿之兆  Sunfire Cape  守护天使 
Ruby Crystal  Mercury's Treads  Heart of Gold 
兰顿之兆  Sunfire Cape  Odyn's Veil 
Doran's Shield  Mercury's Treads  Aegis of the Legion 
Will of the Ancients  Sunfire Cape  Abyssal Scepter 


  • Try to avoid Shen Shen near his turret as his ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash will taunt you, thus forcing you to pull turret aggro.
  • Be wary when trying to kill champions on low health as Shen StandUnited.png Stand United can turn the fight around - especially if the champions have readily-available slows, since that will make simply avoiding them and Shen Shen after he arrives very difficult.
  • Because Shen KiStrike.png Ki Strike rewards building health, players tend to build lots of health items on him. Item.png Madred's Bloodrazor can help take him down quickly.
  • Shen Shen will mostly initiate with ShadowDash.png Shadow Dash. Avoiding or juking it will greatly weaken Shen's capabilities with its significant cooldown and energy-cost.
  • When you see Shen Shen casting StandUnited.png Stand United, quickly use a crowd control effect (stun, fear, silence, knockup etc.) to ensure he does not teleport to his ally. (Note: Even if Shen does not teleport to his ally, they will still gain the defensive shield.)
  • Beware Shen Shen's burst damage in the early game; VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade and KiStrike.png Ki Strike are deceptively powerful.
  • When you see Shen Shen uses his VorpalBlade.png Vorpal Blade on minions, Try to keep him from attacking the marked minion to deny him from regaining his health.
  • Shen Shen can be hard to kill due to his massive health, however this makes him vulnerable to abilities and items that cause him to take a percentage of his health as damage, such as Amumu 阿木木Despair.png Despair, and Vayne 薇恩SilverBolts.png Silver Bolts.

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