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  • Above all, it is important to remember that while mastering use and catching of SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe in conjunction with BloodRush.png Blood Rush is key to maximizing Draven Draven's damage output, he will still deal carry damage without these skills available. Positioning is the most important goal for any Draven Draven player.
  • SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe will fall differently depending on Draven Draven's movements right before it hits.
    • If Draven Draven stands still, SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe will fall directly on top of him or to his immediate left or right.
      • This effect can most easily be achieved by pressing 'S' on your keyboard after attacking, which will cause your Champion to stop all current actions and prevent him from starting new ones, making him stand still.
      • This is the easiest way to make use of SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe during a teamfight, though positioning is still priority.
    • If moving, SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe will lead ahead of Draven Draven's selected direction.
      • Be prepared to compensate your movements in order to catch your SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe, as this effect will not always be perfectly in sync with your movement speed.
      • During the laning phase, you can direct your SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe to safe locations by retreating after each throw.
  • Much like any other global or long range ability, Draven 德莱文WhirlingDeath.png Whirling Death can be used to secure kills, steal objectives such as 20px Dragon, and clear large creep waves when available, all within safety.
    • Remember that WhirlingDeath.png Whirling Death will begin returning to Draven Draven the moment it strikes an enemy champion, including unintended targets.
    • With timing and practice, you can cause WhirlingDeath.png Whirling Death to quickly strike an enemy twice in succession by recasting the spell after having thrown it. This will help prevent your enemy from dodging the return portion and the additional damage.
  • WickedBlades.png Wicked Blades is a stacking passive, meaning that every single SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe or critical strike will apply the full damage over the given duration regardless if the target is already under the effects of WickedBlades.png Wicked Blades. This makes encounters with Draven Draven battles of attrition.
  • Draven 德莱文StandAside.png Stand Aside has multiple uses - from setting up a chase on an enemy, preventing a chase against you, denying ganks, and causing overall disruption to enemy targets.
  • BloodRush.png Blood Rush has many flexible applications both in and out of combat that allow Draven Draven to make use of it in a variety of ways, along with being a simple movement and attack speed steroid.
    • BloodRush.png Blood Rush's primary purpose is as a chasing tool. By leading and catching SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe and continually refreshing BloodRush.png Blood Rush's movement and attack speed bonuses, you can easily overpower and catch up to your targets.
      • Bounce, lead, and catch SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe off of minions or neutral creeps when chasing out of range targets in order to refresh BloodRush.png Blood Rush.
      • To quickly close a gap on a target, activate BloodRush.png Blood Rush within a moment before catching SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe. This will give you the movement speed bonus from the first activation, and will make BloodRush.png Blood Rush available again for another immediately.
    • BloodRush.png Blood Rush can be used to help catch your SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axes as they fall, or, alternatively, it can be used in order to strike enemy Champions with SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe for harassment.
    • Using BloodRush.png Blood Rush can help you return to lane quicker if needed. With Crest of the Ancient Golem Crest of the Ancient Golem, this can be spammed infinitely without worry.
    • Quickly striking engaging enemies with SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe and catching the ricochet during an escape scenario can allow you to refresh BloodRush.png Blood Rush constantly in order to avoid a direct engagement by kiting and possibly turn the tide of battle.
  • Stay wary of enemy turrets if you have struck a Champion near the range of one. SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe will always apply WickedBlades.png Wicked Blades for four seconds, as well as critical strikes. This means moving into turret range as the damage ticks will cause it to immediately target you.
  • SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe will deactivate if Draven Draven has not attacked an enemy after a certain amount of time (Approximately 6 seconds). However, this will be refreshed if Draven Draven attacks a turret or inhibitor, though you will not be granted the extra damage.
    • It will also refresh if you reactivate SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe, even if you have both axes active already.
  • Draven Draven can be deceptively powerful at melee range, as his SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe will ricochet to him more often, giving him the extra damage from it, as well as easy activation of his BloodRush.png Blood Rush, maximizing damage potential.
  • Draven Draven can easily and quickly take down objectives with use of his steroid abilities, SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe and BloodRush.png Blood Rush.
    • Against Baron Nashor Baron Nashor and 20px Dragon, use a single SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe to apply extra damage, and catch it in order to continually refresh the use of BloodRush.png Blood Rush for its potent attack speed steroid.
    • Bounce SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe off of nearby minions to refresh BloodRush.png Blood Rush every three seconds while sieging turrets to help destroy them quicker.
  • Draven Draven is limited to two SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axes at a time. However, if you throw one axe while doing so, and activate SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe again after the attack, you will have three axes, allowing you to 'juggle' them. If Draven Draven catches all three axes without throwing them, it will immediately revert to two axes, with the third axe disappearing.

Build Usage编辑

  • Critical strikes greatly increase Draven Draven's damage output by applying WickedBlades.png Wicked Blades against his targets without the use of SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe. Auto attacks with SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe can also critically hit, though the bonus damage of the ability is added on after the critical damage and does not itself crit. Draven Draven can therefore achieve maximum damage by applying multiple stacks of WickedBlades.png Wicked Blades against a target with both SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe and his basic attacks.
    • Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge will give SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe an almost destructive increase in damage; even without factoring in critical strikes and more WickedBlades.png Wicked Blades stacks, the AD bonus makes a huge difference with your abilities. An Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge is a solid choice as your first major item purchase as Draven Draven.
    • If you buy Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge, that makes Phantom Dancer item.png Phantom Dancer an almost required purchase for Draven Draven due to all the stats it provides in this respect, along with the movement speed increase for chasing, positioning, and escaping.
    • Consider purchasing an Item.png Elixir of Agility during laning and team fight stages of the game in order to gain an advantage over your opponents due to the added attack speed and chance for critical hits.
  • Life steal is a very powerful statistic for Draven Draven to have. As SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe acts as an amplified auto-attack, it will proc the full effect of Draven Draven's life steal items from the damage done, giving a large boost in sustainability during laning and combat.
  • As with most carries, a Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper is essential late-game to counter armor purchases. This is more important for Draven Draven than others due to his purely physical damage output.
  • Getting Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force can greatly increase Draven Draven's damage output by activating BloodRush.png Blood Rush multiple times to receive damage procs from Item.png Sheen.
    • Slow procs and the movement speed bonus from Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force make it easier and safer to catch your SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe to reset your BloodRush.png Blood Rush and to continue receiving Item.png Sheen procs.
    • When building your Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force, try to get Item.png Sheen first. BloodRush.png Blood Rush makes up for the slow you'd get with Item.png Phage, and the speed you'd get with Item.png Zeal. In addition, each time you activate SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe, you'll do double damage immediately on the first attack.
    • Note that Draven Draven does not benefit from ability power, and his base attack damage is slightly low. This makes getting Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force a slightly gimmicky option.


Doran's Blade  Berserker's Greaves  The Bloodthirster 
Infinity Edge  Phantom Dancer  守护天使 
Prospector's Blade  Berserker's Greaves  Sanguine Blade 
Infinity Edge  Phantom Dancer  黑色切割者 


  • Draven Draven's damage is purely physical, making armor items a good purchase.
    • Ninja Tabi item.png Ninja Tabi will help reduce the damage of SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe.
    • While SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe will cause Draven Draven to be healed by his life steal percentage of 145% / 155% / 165% / 175% / 185% (Full atk damage + SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe amplified bonus) damage after armor reduction , he will also take 30% magic damage from this 145% / 155% / 165% / 175% / 185% damage from Item.png Thornmail.
  • SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe marks the location where it will land on the ground; aim skillshots/CC/AoE abilities towards its landing position. This will either result in him not catching the axe, decreasing his damage, or in him being damaged/caught out of position.
    • Keep in mind, however, Draven Draven may choose not to walk towards the drop location to bait you into wasting some of your stronger abilities in an attempt to hit him.
    • Displacement abilities that knock-back or move Draven Draven's position are well worth it, especially if he is doing well. If you do, his damage output drops dramatically. In particular, Alistar Alistar's abilities make him well-suited to disrupt Draven Draven throughout all stages of the game.
  • You can save your low-healthed allies from being hit by WhirlingDeath.png Whirling Death by throwing yourself into the direction of the axes' path. This will cause the axe to return to Draven Draven instead of continuing to move further.
  • In a match with two Draven Dravens, one can catch the other's axe. Use this trick to deny your opponent the extra axe or prop another SpinningAxe.png Spinning Axe.

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Draven Champion Spotlight

Draven Champion Spotlight

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