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Chinese artwork编辑


  • Sivir was designed by Ezreal and Guinsoo.
  • In the original trailer for League of Legends, Sivir's hair was a pink/red color.
  • Sivir's weapon is inspired by the chakram, which is a throwing disk with razor sharp edges used by Indian Rajput warriors. The weapon is about the size of a frisbee and is thrown in a similar manner. It is capable of causing decapitation, and if deflected by a shield or armor, could bounce off and strike other enemy warriors.
  • Sivir was the first champion to have a spell rating of 10.
  • Before her passive was changed, the highest possible dodge chance in the game could be acquired by Sivir with maximum ranked FleetofFoot.png Fleet of Foot (25% while moving), 9 Tier 3 Seals of Evasion and 3 Quints of Evasion (11.25%), and 6 Ninja Tabi equipped (6 sources, 12% each). This gave her a final dodge modifier of approximately 30.91 (69.09% of attacks are dodged). However, the dodge chance stat has since been removed from the game.
  • Sivir is one of the few champions to feature two champion spotlights due to significant changes to her kit.
  • Sivir was one of the first six characters designed, along with Singed Singed, Annie Annie, Sion Sion, 20px Twisted Fate and Lee Sin Lee Sin. [1][2]


  • 希维尔头像.png Classic Sivir's art has been reworked twice.
  • 希维尔头像.png Warrior Princess Sivir is a reference to Xena, the Warrior Princess. Both Sivir and Xena carry a Chakram-style weapon, and share a similar background.
  • 希维尔头像.png Spectacular Sivir is a reference to the DC Comics heroine Wonder Woman.
  • 希维尔头像.png Bandit Sivir's weapon bears a strong resemblance to the glaive from the 80's movie Krull.
  • 希维尔头像.png Huntress Sivir is one of the few skins, along with 安妮头像.png Goth Annie and 凯尔头像.png Silver Kayle, which is exclusive to a Champions Pack.
  • 希维尔头像.png PAX Sivir is a reference to the Tron franchise in which disc warriors fought in gladiator-style battles.
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