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  • During the laning phase, you can harass enemy champions with BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade to put pressure on them. Successful hits will force them to play safer and get zoned out. However, the mana cost of this playstyle is extremely high, due to Sivir Sivir's small mana pool.
    • This makes laning with Soraka Soraka more viable, as she can replenish mana.
      • Additionally, BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade returns to her after reaching the max range, so you can move your own position to hit enemies who would otherwise have evaded it.
        • BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade also reaches a little farther than what the hit-box shows.
      • BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade can be used to check for enemy champions in the brush, due to its slicing sound when it hits an enemy unit/champion.
      • As BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade deals less damage with each enemy hit, try to hit champions without hitting minions.
        • A good strategy is to wait until a wave clears, or when they are running in a straight line.
      • BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade tends to fall off somewhat later in the game compared to Sivir Sivir's autoattacks.
        • However, it is still useful for picking off enemies after a team fight.
  • Ricochet.png Ricochet is a cheap tool for harassment. Try to hit enemy champions with it directly after an auto attack, or last hit creeps with a Ricochet.png Ricochet when there are less then 5 minions and the enemy is close to the wave.
    • Ricochet.png Ricochet also resets your attack timer, which means you can use it immediately after you auto-attack to get a "free attack."
  • Getting at least one rank of SpellShield.png Spell Shield early is very helpful, as with a bit of practice you will be able to use SpellShield.png Spell Shield to negate spells. With experience you can avoid damage/crowd control/death and recover mana in the process.
    • SpellShield.png Spell Shield is especially strong when laning against mage champions, particularly ones with delayed damage spells, as it allows you to regenerate mana fairly often. It can also heavily mess up combo-reliant mages.
    • SpellShield.png Spell Shield has a long cooldown when it's still rank 1, so use it wisely during early game. Because when using SpellShield.png Spell Shield to regain mana, you are vulnerable to crowd control effect.
    • SpellShield.png Spell Shield enables Sivir Sivir to lane mid as it can counter most spells while also regenerating Sivir Sivir's mana.
  • The attack speed and movement speed bonuses of OnTheHunt.png On The Hunt work very well on autoattacking-reliant champions - try to put such allies on your team while playing Sivir Sivir.
  • OnTheHunt.png On The Hunt combined with SpellShield.png Spell Shield can be used for escaping in a pinch.
  • Given enough attack damage, BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade and Ricochet.png Ricochet can quickly kill a whole wave of minions.



Doran's Blade  Berserker's Greaves  Manamune 
Trinity Force  The Bloodthirster  守护天使 
Prospector's Blade  Berserker's Greaves  Ionic Spark 
Trinity Force  Sanguine Blade  最后的轻语 


  • Sivir Sivir is fairly squishy in the lane. Putting a pressure on her can make her underfarmed or underleveled.
    • Keep in mind that she is very resilient to zone because of her SpellShield.png Spell Shield, and being too aggressive might make it easier for her to land BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade.
  • Sivir Sivir deals entirely physical damage, and much of that damage is dealt through autoattacks. Consider buying armor if she begins to deal too much damage.
  • Avoid taking free damage from her BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade, by moving out of its path.
    • If you can't dodge it, staying behind your minion wave will mitigate the spell's damage.
    • Also, keep in mind that BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade will return to Sivir Sivir after reaching its max range. Being at it's max range could be advantageous in that it's a slow projectile, making it easier to dodge, but could also be a disadvantage due to the projectile hitting both the throw and return strike very quickly.
  • Wait until Sivir 希维尔SpellShield.png Spell Shield is on cooldown before activating your high-damaging spell. Bait her into using it by acting as if you're going to cast on her, but don't cast. This will cause her to use up a huge chunk of mana, and put the shield on cooldown. Doing this 2 or 3 times can leave her manaless and unable to cast her spells, which is a great advantage to you as she's very ability reliant.
  • Sivir Sivir is often very attack speed oriented. As a tank, grabbing a Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen item.png Randuin's Omen can be a very effective counter her, and champions like Malphite Malphite and Gragas Gragas, who can slow attack speed, are also nice counter-picks to her.
  • Although Sivir Sivir is a carry, she is still fairly powerful early game. Her BoomerangBlade.png Boomerang Blade hits hard if she lands both portions on you exclusively, and her Ricochet.png Ricochet and SpellShield.png Spell Shield are specialized for one-on-one skirmishing.

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