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Chinese artwork编辑


  • Twisted Fate was designed by Guinsoo.[1]
  • Twisted Fate is voiced by Owen Thomas, Who also voices Viktor OriginalSquare Viktor.
    • Owen stated that he does not remember giving his voice to Twisted Fate before being reminded by a fan.
  • Twisted Fate used to come from Demacia before his background was redone.
  • Twisted Fate is frequently compared to Gambit from the X-Men comics for his weapon of choice, throwing cards, as well as his manner of speaking.
    • Twisted Fate is also comparable to the character Luxord from the Kingdom Hearts role-playing series in his gentlemanly attitude and inventive use of cards as weapons. Additionally, both characters possess the ability to disappear in a stream of cards and reappear elsewhere.
  • Twisted Fate was one of the first six characters designed, along with Singed OriginalSquare Singed, Annie OriginalSquare Annie, Sivir OriginalSquare Sivir, Sion OriginalSquare Sion and Lee Sin OriginalSquare Lee Sin. [2][3]
  • On the artwork of many skins, the cards he throws can be seen to be Tarot cards from the Major Arcana of The Terot
  • Twisted Fates dance is a reference to the extremely popular song Gangnam Style. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Twisted Fate is the third champion to feature vocals during his dance: the first being Draven OriginalSquare Draven and the second being Rengar OriginalSquare Rengar.
  • While not visible due to the fixed camera angle in-game, Twisted Fate's eyes are completely cyan (no whites or pupil). This can be observed by examining his model in the games files, or by panning the camera in spectator mode.
  • While his artworks all feature a pale complexion, as part of his graphical rework he was given one of the darkest, natural skin-tones of any human champion in the League.
    • Jack of Hearts and PAX Twisted Fate both feature an iridescent blue skin color.
    • His Harrowing skin, Underworld Twisted Fate, features a Caucasian skin-tone.


  • The splash art for PAX 2009 Tiwsted Fate and The Magnificent Twisted Fate shows him using Tarot Cards .
    • In the chinese splash art, High Noon Twisted Fate is also using Tarot Cards.
  • Although The Magnificent Twisted Fate is priced as a legendary skin, it has no new particle effects, animations or dialogue.
    • The artwork for The Magnificent Twisted Fate depicts him with a Fiendish Codex item Fiendish Codex hanging from his belt.
  • PAX Twisted Fate had the PAX logo is displayed on his shoulder, hat, and belt.
  • Twisted Fate and Evelynn OriginalSquare Evelynn have matching Tango skins. In the Chinese artwork the same art is used for both skins, with the only difference being the position of the spotlight.
  • Underworld Twisted Fate resembles Nero from Devil May Cry 4
  • The cards that appear when Underworld Twisted Fate uses his ult have the same symbol on them that Gatekeeper Galio bears on his arms.


  • Twisted Fate and Evelynn OriginalSquare Evelynn were the first reported couple in The Journal of Justice, Issue 1. However, Evelynn has reportedly ended the relationship in Issue 10.
  • Twisted Fate and Graves OriginalSquare Graves were partners in the past. That is until Twisted Fate sold out Graves to Dr. Priggs in exchange for a risky experiment that gave Twisted Fate his magical abilities.
    • After escaping imprisonment, Graves now seeks payback on Twisted Fate.
  • There is speculation that Twisted Fate is the cat burglar in which Caitlyn OriginalSquare Caitlyn is attempting to track down and arrest.
    • The bandit, who always leaves a card with an ornate "C" at the scene of the crime, has become Caitlyn's arch-nemesis.


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