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  • Sometimes it is smarter to approach an enemy with 3 Pyromania Pyromania charges instead of 4 to appear vulnerable. You can then quickly charge the stun with Molten Shield Molten Shield. It can also allow you to break Banshee's Veil item Banshee's Veil with a weaker spell before using a spell (especially Summon- Tibbers Summon Tibbers) that stuns them.
    • This can also be an effective strategy to lure enemies into a false sense of security.
  • As each of Annie OriginalSquare Annie's abilities gives a charge for Pyromania Pyromania this allows Annie OriginalSquare Annie to only need 2 or 3 charges when a team fight erupts allowing Annie OriginalSquare Annie to be able to use her Molten Shield Molten Shield and then casting your offensive abilities to then land an AoE stun on the enemy team.
  • During the laning phase, try to find a good balance between storing your stun for use and continuing to use your spells to maintain a strong farming game.
  • Disintegrate Disintegrate enables Annie OriginalSquare Annie to farm very well early in the game, as well as building up Pyromania Pyromania without using mana as Disintegrate Disintegrate refunds its mana cost if it kills an enemy.
  • Disintegrate Disintegrate can quickly build up mana in items like Tear of the Goddess item Tear of the Goddess or Archangel's Staff item Archangel's Staff.
  • A good tactic at the start of a game is to use Incinerate Incinerate 4 times to get a stun ready before you leave the fountain. This can help turn the tide of a first battle, and aid you in getting first blood.
  • Summon- Tibbers Summon Tibbers or Incinerate Incinerate used in combination with Pyromania Pyromania results in Annie OriginalSquare Annie having an AoE stun effect.
  • Putting at least one point in Molten Shield Molten Shield early game allows Pyromania Pyromania to be charged slightly faster allowing more harassment and team ganking support.
  • Don't rely on Molten Shield Molten Shield to keep you alive. Its damage isn't great for countering AD carries with life steal, and early game its defensive properties are minimal at best. It is mainly used to charge up a combo.
  • Always charge up Pyromania Pyromania before a fight occurs, the 1.75 sec stun is very effective in taking out carries who overextend or out of position.
  • WhileIncinerate Incinerate can take down groups of low health minions early game, positioning the cone so that it also routinely damages the enemy champion can be very useful. Dropping their health like this can be followed up with a big Summon- Tibbers Summon Tibbers/Pyromania Pyromania burst for the kill.
  • Annie OriginalSquare Annie's Summon- Tibbers Summon Tibbers can be controlled, like most pet units, by holding Alt or activating the ability again before moving.
    • Summon- Tibbers Summon Tibbers doesn't require a line of sight to be summoned, try casting it inside a bush if you know an enemy is there.
    • Storing a stun for use with Summon- Tibbers Summon Tibbers can turn the tide in her team's favor.
  • As soon as you hit level 6, You can use Flash.png Flash to initiate your opponent and use Incinerate Incinerate and Disintegrate Disintegrate. then finish your opponent with Summon- Tibbers Summon Tibbers. This will either devastate or kill your enemy.



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  • All of Annie OriginalSquare Annie's spells deal magic damage, therefore any form of magic resistance will mitigate her damage significantly.
    • Banshee's Veil item Banshee's Veil offers a spell shield to negate 1 spell from Annie OriginalSquare Annie. Its magic resistance and health will help tremendously in surviving Annie OriginalSquare Annie's burst.
    • Quicksilver Sash item Quicksilver Sash is a cheaper alternative, and allows you to block her stun specifically, instead of just one ability.
  • Do not underestimate the damaging aura from Annie OriginalSquare Annie's Summon- Tibbers Summon Tibbers. The longer the fight lasts, the more damage you will take from it.
    • Avoid focusing her ChampionSquare Tibbers when attacking Annie OriginalSquare Annie. ChampionSquare Tibbers has a lot of health and damage, and killing Annie OriginalSquare Annie kills ChampionSquare Tibbers as well. Focusing ChampionSquare Tibbers allows Annie OriginalSquare Annie to finish you off with her spells if she is ignored.
      • Do not disregard ChampionSquare Tibbers completely, however. Its attack damage and damaging aura can easily put a tense fight against Annie OriginalSquare Annie in her favour if left to attack you.
    • Alternatively, use ranged attacks and abilities to kill ChampionSquare Tibbers while keeping out of range of Annie's spells, the advantage to this being that ChampionSquare Tibbers will most likely be easier to kill.
    • ChampionSquare Tibbers is considered a minion therefor Smite.png Smite and champion abilities that work on minions and monsters only (such as Syndra OriginalSquare Syndra's Force of Will Force of Will), will work on him as well.
  • Be alert for the visual effect that appears when the stun from Pyromania Pyromania is ready.
    • Because Disintegrate Disintegrate refunds mana when used to last hit minions, be cautious around an Annie OriginalSquare Annie using autoattacks on minions. She is likely to have 3 stacks on Pyromania Pyromania and is waiting for someone to engage her. She will cast Molten Shield Molten Shield, allowing her to stun on her next spell.
  • Molten Shield Molten Shield acts like a Thornmail item Thornmail. Be careful when engaging her if you are using a champion that relies on auto-attack.
    • It can sometimes be hard to see the visual effect of Pyromania Pyromania if she has her Molten Shield Molten Shield up.
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