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  • The name "Wukong" means "awakening to emptiness" (悟空) in Chinese.
  • Wuking is voiced by Spike Spencer
  • Wukong's character concept is inspired by Sun Wukong, the protagonist of the Chinese novel Journey to the West.
    • Both characters have the title of "The Monkey King," use the same type of weapon, an elongating staff, and ride on a cloud named Nimbus.
    • Wukong is the first champion to be specifically based on a character from real-world literature.
    • Wukong likes peaches, another reference to Sun Wukong.
    • Wukong's passive, Stone Skin Stone Skin, is possibly a reference to Sun Wukong being born from a stone.
      • This is supported by the fact that Wukong turns to stone when he dies.
  • Wukong is the first champion to have an animated Gameplay Preview.
  • The internal name, the name that is used by the game developers themselves, for Wukong's ultimate Cyclone Cyclone is "MonkeyKingSpinToWin", a reference to the popular community description for Garen OriginalSquare Garen's Judgment Judgment.
  • Wukong's Cyclone Cyclone now holds the record for the highest AD Ratio in the game, achieving a 4.8 AD Ratio under a full duration of the spell.


  • Classic Wukong's Chinese splash art's water dragon may be a reference to the Dragon who swallowed Xuanzang's mount in the Journey to the West, causing Wukong to fight against it.
  • Volcanic Wukong may be a reference to Journey to the West, when Sun Wukong was locked in a cauldron to be distilled by severe, sacred fires. But when they opened the lid, Wukong was alive and stronger then ever.
  • Jade Dragon Wukong wears Chinese jade, which is commonly carved in the form of a dragon.
    • Carved-jade objects is regarded to being intrinsically valuable. They are metaphorically equated with human virtues because of their hardness, durability, and (moral) beauty.


  • Wukong was trained in the Art of Wuju by Master Yi OriginalSquare Master Yi.
  • Wukong's mystical staff was crafted by Doran, before his accident.

Art spotlight编辑

Wukong Art Spotlight

Wukong Art Spotlight

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