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Doran's Blade  Mercury's Treads  幽梦之灵 
Phage  最后的轻语  女妖面纱 
Prospector's Blade  Mercury's Treads  幽梦之灵 
Entropy  Sanguine Blade  Odyn's Veil 


  • If you are playing as a tank, consider purchasing both health and armor item so his Crushing Blow Crushing Blow is less effective.
  • Do not be tricked by his Warrior Trickster.png Decoy clone, If you see him suddenly stop, try continue moving forward instead of attacking him so you will see him when his stealth duration is over.
    • Beware - he could use it the other way, like suddenly stopping without using Warrior Trickster.png Decoy.
      • To avoid getting tricked between him stopping or deploying the Warrior Trickster.png Decoy, notice his idle animation. The clone starts its idle in a set position so if he suddenly "jerks" in his idle animation, you know he used decoy. Otherwise, feel free to continue battering Wukong.
    • Buy stealth detection items to neutralize the stealth advantage of Warrior Trickster.png Decoy, or land slows on him before he uses the ability, making it difficult to use the stealth to escape a large distance - preferably with non-skillshots, as Warrior Trickster.png Decoy cannot stop them from hitting while they are already in flight.
  • Be sure to spread out to avoid Cyclone.png Cyclone - its potential makes up the most of Wukong Wukong's power and having the team avoid getting affected by it as much as possible can significantly reduce his effect in teamfights.
    • Knockback effects and escapes can avoid a lot of Cyclone.png Cyclone's damage - perhaps even all of it!
  • Sustain can nullify the effects of Wukong Wukong's harassing combo, and the combo costs a significant amount of his mana which can quickly leave him unable to use his abilities.
  • Wukong is one of the few bruisers who are actually meant to shine late game, deny him early.

Champion spotlight编辑

Wukong Champion Spotlight

Wukong Champion Spotlight

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