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  • Nami Nami has very high potential in ganking. Her passive 踏浪之行.png Surging Tides gives bonus movement speed for 1.25 seconds, which is enough for a teammate to catch up to an opposing enemy. This effect is somewhat similar to that of Item.png Shurelya's Reverie.
  • 怒涛之啸.png Tidal Wave should be used immediately in large teamfights to gain an advantage.
  • Keep in mind that 怒涛之啸.png Tidal Wave and Hydro Blast Hydro Blast can interrupt channeling spells, like Requiem.png Requiem or Absolute Zero Absolute Zero.
  • 冲击之潮.png Ebb and Flow is great for casting in a 2v2 fight in bot lane. It both damages your enemies and heals your ally, providing a significant advantage.
  • Aqueous Empowerment Aqueous Empowerment works great with skillshot champions like Corki Corki and Ezreal Ezreal, because of how they rely on spamming basic attacks between skillshots.
  • Nami Nami is a squishy champion, so be careful not to let yourself get caught alone. Positioning is always important.
  • Care should be taken when utilizing and choosing targets for Nami Nami's abilities:
    • Hydro Blast Hydro Blast should be cast onto squishy targets, like AD carry or a support, unless they have high mobility or can easily dodge it (like Ezreal Ezreal or Vayne Vayne). In these cases, you should instead aim at a target with a lower chance of dodging it.
    • When prioritizing healing, 冲击之潮.png Ebb and Flow should be cast onto allies as this will potentially heal  two allies or yourself as well; on the other hand, when harassing, prioritizing enemies may result in two enemies taking damage while healing one ally or yourself.
    • Keep in mind that Aqueous Empowerment Aqueous Empowerment 's damage increases with your AP, not the allied champion you cast it onto. Cast it on allies with high attack speed, such as an ad carry or solo top champion who relies on attack speed (like Jax Jax).
  • If you see that your team mate needs to escape, or is chasing an enemy down you can use either your 冲击之潮.png Ebb and Flow or Aqueous Empowerment Aqueous Empowerment to activate your passive, 踏浪之行.png Surging Tides to increase your allies movement speed.
  • All of Nami Nami's abilities have long cooldowns, so you be careful about using all of your spells at once, otherwise you will be unable to protect yourself. You could perhaps aim to get some CDR, (e.g. Item.png Morello's Evil Tome)
  • Always remember that 冲击之潮.png Ebb and Flow bounces between target and even allies you can use this to your advantage to damage enemies and heal allies. Rushing a Item.png Philosopher's Stone in early lane could help support your AD carry during those tough zoning enemies like Caitlyn Caitlyn , Lux Lux.
  • Save 怒涛之啸.png Tidal Wave for the game changing moment, it could disrupt the enemy team and save your allies.

Item Usage编辑

Nami's skills can suck up a lot of mana, buying mana regen or flat mana giving items should allow you to stay in lane longer.

  • If you're aiming for mana, try buying items that grant plenty of mana, such as Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff, Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart, Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil, if combined these items can give you some decent survivability and AP.
  • If your aim is for mana regen, try Athene's Unholy Grail item.png Athene's Unholy Grail, Item.png Soul Shroud, or Item.png Shurelya's Reverie, putting these 3 items together will also give you full 40% cooldown reduction, giving you 3 more item slots to work with, without worrying about aquiring additional mana regen or Cooldown reduction.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.png Ionian Boots of Luciditymay be your first choice of boots if you're a support, however if you aimed to get the previous 3 mentioned items which would give you 40% cooldown already, then these boots would be useless. Trying other boots, such as Boots of Swiftness item.png Boots of Swiftness or Sorcerer's Shoes item.png Sorcerer's Shoes, should be equally as beneficial in case you wanted to move around faster to keep in position, or pack more damage into your spells.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Sceptershould fit in with Nami's abilities nicely, since most of her abilities can potentially hit multiple enemy targets, proccing multiple slows and speed buffs can greatly influence team fights in your favor.

Hextech Revolver item.png Hextech Revolveris a relatively cheap item, it can provide some more healing sustain , and it can later be built into Item.png Will of the Ancients to further support allies.

Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter may be expensive, especially if you're playing as a support, but the extra AP and magic penetration aura will help you and your allies, just be sure you aren't putting yourself at too much risk since the Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter's low range now requires you to get somewhat close to enemy targets to make use of the passive.


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  • Like all squsihy champions,Nami Nami can be counter and be target by assasins champion, such as Talon Talon, Shaco Shaco and 20px Xin Zhao, and by focusing her down first in duo lane, would place her laning partner at a disadvantage.

Champion Spotlight编辑

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