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Chinese artwork编辑

  • Classic skin
  • Muse Sona
  • Pentakill Sona
  • Silent Night Sona


  • Sona is designed by Ezreal and reworked by Shurelia.
  • Sona is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald, who also voices Janna Janna.
  • The name "Sona" is derived from the Latin prefix denoting sound, "son-", attached to the Latin suffix for feminine objects, "a".
  • A "maven" is someone highly skilled in a field who wishes to teach others in said field.
  • Sona is the second champion to use the stance mechanic, the first being Udyr Udyr.
  • The name of Sona's weapon, the "Etwahl", is pronounced the same as the French word "étoile", which means "star".
    • The Etwahl is likely a reference to the guzheng, a Chinese string instrument.
  • A power chord is a type of chord that consists of a doubled root note and the fifth. It's a key element of many styles of rock music.
  • Sona is a mute, yet can talk to the Summoner. She claims that only "you" can hear her and says the phrase "From my mind, to yours." This indicates the mental connection between a Summoner and their Champion, which is a recurring feature in League Judgements.
  • Sona is one of six champions that gain ability power at the beginning of the game even without items, runes or masteries. The others are: Udyr Udyr, Galio Galio, Karma Karma, Lulu Lulu and Veigar Veigar. Viktor Viktor also gains ability power automatically, but technically it's from his passive item.
  • Her appearance and the general musical theme bears similarity to Hatsune Miku.
  • Each of Sona's abilties have varying ambient music, playing whenever its aura is active.
    • When HymnofValor.png Hymn of Valor is the active aura, the League of Legends theme can be heard from the Etwahl.
  • In her Arcade Sona skin, the stars in the background are identical to the stars in the background of Nyan Cat, a Japanese cartoon that recieved millions of hits on Youtube.
  • Sona has the lowest health of any Champion at level 1 with 410 HP (+70 per level).


  • Sona shares a Pentakill skin with Mordekaiser Mordekaiser. It comes from the JoJ issue that reports the two creating a band together. After the creation of the band, Yorick Yorick, Karthus Karthus and Olaf Olaf were also recruited.
    • In the Chinese art for 娑娜头像.png Pentakill Sona, the sparks coming from her instrument appear to spell the word 'FAME'.
  • 娑娜头像.png Muse Sona is based on the Muses, figures from Greek mythology that were goddesses or spirits associated with memory and the arts. Many performers wrote songs in dedication to the Muses.
  • 娑娜头像.png Silent Night Sona is a reference to the christmas carol Silent Night. It may also relate to the origins of the song, which was first played on a guitar.
    • If the /Joke command is alternated with 20px Kog'Maw in proximity with his Reindeer skin and her using her Silent Night skin, they will both play and sing a section of 'Deck the Halls' together.
  • 娑娜头像.png Guqin Sona is a direct reference to the Guqin, a seven-string Chinese instrument. This skin was released in celebration of the Chinese New Year (also called Lunar New Year).
  • 娑娜头像.png Arcade Sona is a reference to many 80's and early 90's video game effects.
    • The effect fromCrescendo.png Crescendo is a direct reference to Dance Dance Revolution. The sequence is (↑→) (←)(↑→)(↑)(↑)(↑)
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