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  • Classic Skin


  • Orianna was developed by Xypherous.[1]
  • Orianna is voiced by Heather Pennington.
  • Orianna bears some similarities to GLaDOS from the Portal series, both in voice acting and in personality.
  • The word "Orianna" is a European name and has a few possible origins. They all seem to refer to the "golden color of the sun":
    • "Orianna" is the Irish meaning of "Blonde" or "Golden".
    • The name may also be from the medieval Spanish and Portuguese word "Oroana/Ouroana" (which also means "Golden").
    • Another possible origin is from the Latin meaning of "Rising" (as in, "Sunrise").
  • The term "Clockwork" refers to the inner workings of either a mechanical clock or a device that operates in a similar fashion. Specifically, a mechanical device utilizing a complex series of gears, such as an automaton.
  • Orianna's Classic skin resembles a RAcaseal from Phantasy Star Online.
  • Orianna's title was originally "The Clockwork Girl", but was then changed to "The Lady of Clockwork" the night before her release. This was due to a film that is in the making called "The Clockwork Girl".
  • Orianna was inspired by Youmu Konpaku from the Touhou Project series. [2]
  • Xypherous' original concept for Orianna was based on Hong Meiling, also from Touhou Project. [3]
  • Orianna is the second champion to currently have a difficulty rating of 100, the first being Cassiopeia Cassiopeia.
  • Orianna has two different emote animations depending on if The Ball is attached to her or not.
  • Orianna's automaton concept and background is strikingly similar to Olimpia, a character in E.T.A. Hoffmann's The Sandman who is the "daughter" of an inventor.
  • Orianna bears resemblance to the ball-jointed doll monster Karakuriko from Sailor Moon, the Super S series,
  • In her Champion Spotlight, her in-game icon seems to be walfas-styled artwork instead of Orianna's (it can be seen here).


  • Orianna's joke "When you fall, you get right back up." coincides with Aigis' line. Aigis is a female robot character from the game Persona 3 who says these words when she is hit by an attack she is weak against.
  • The quote "I know what makes them tick. I know how to make the ticking stop." is a paraphrased reference to the character Sylar from the now-cancelled NBC show Heroes, more specifically him describing his super-power. This is also a reference to the Magic the Gathering card Organ Grinders flavor text.


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Orianna Art Spotlight

Orianna Art Spotlight

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