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Chinese art编辑


  • Taric was designed by Brackhar.
  • Taric is voiced by Dennis Collins Johnson, Who also voices Gangplank Gangplank and Heimerdinger Heimerdinger.
  • Taric's name most likely originates from the Arabian name "طارق/Tariq", which means "A person who hammers".
  • Taric is likely left handed, as that is the hand that wields his hammer (though some of his splash art portrays him holding it in his right).
  • The in-game description for Taric 塔里克Gemcraft.png Gemcraft is a reference to Diablo 2's gem socketing, in particular the Skull's effect, which also restores mana on hit.


  • Taric's joke is a reference to the 80's cartoon "Jem" intro.


  • 塔里克头像.png Armor of the 5th Age Taric is a reference to the World of Warcraft Tier 5 Paladin Armor. The player Fanatik photo-shopped the pink-tinged suit, including such things as the leg warmers, a furry purse, and pink sun-glasses.[1]
  • The Chinese Art for 塔里克头像.png Emerald Taric and 塔里克头像.png Armor of the Fifth Age Taric shows multiple seals attached to his armor, and hammer, similar in appearance to seals attached to armor and weapons worn by space marines in the Warhammer 40,000 franchise.
  • Taric can be seen on the Taric's tropical bottle of the 辛吉德头像.png Surfer Singed skin.


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