Howling Marsh is a small region between Ironspike Mountains and source of Serpentine River. It is also near The Institute of War.


It is known that it is a place filled with undead.


The vast quantities of physical magic that were consumed and destroyed during Valoran's numerous Rune Wars have scarred much of Valoran. The Howling Marsh is one of them.

During his childhood, Tryndamere OriginalSquare.png Tryndamere's clan moved south between the Howling Marsh and the Ironspike Mountains. It's is also the location of the massacre where he was a sole survivor.

Also, as Durand crossed the Howling Marsh with his masterwork in tow, he was set upon by Noxian assassins in force. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, Galio OriginalSquare.png Galio looked on in horror as the murderers cut down his charge, executing him swiftly before vanishing back into the mists. He stayed there feeling guilty for his master's death.

Later Poppy OriginalSquare.png Poppy passed by the Marshes and rested right in front of Galio OriginalSquare.png Galio without even noticing him. This later inspired him to return as the Sentinel of Demacia.


Previously, Karthus OriginalSquare.png Karthus, the Deathsingerwas the self-appointed overlord of the marshes. On the darkest of nights he would sing the tales of those who have journeyed and perished in it.

Associated Champions

Champion Ties
Galio OriginalSquare.png Galio, the Sentinel's Sorrow Stayed there out of guilt of his failure
Poppy OriginalSquare.png Poppy, the Iron Ambassador Passed by and rested on Galio.
Tryndamere OriginalSquare.png Tryndamere, The Barbarian King Sole survivor of the massacre