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  • Miss Fortune Miss Fortune ramps up speed with her passive Strut.png Strut if she isn't attacked by an enemy unit. Avoid getting hit to keep her passive. This is an exceptional passive when it comes to reaching lanes quickly. Also, using this passive is a great way to close distances fast, such as crossing lanes to support or gank.
  • Use DoubleUp.png Double Up on the furthest enemy minion if enemy champions are hiding in back; it will bounce to them for lots of damage.
  • DoubleUp.png Double Up can hit enemies in bushes, even without vision. Use this is to your advantage by bouncing it off a visible minion/enemy champion, in the champion's vicinity.
  • Use DoubleUp.png Double Up on a tanky champion during teamfights and bounce it towards a squishy champion to maximize your damage output.
  • Use ImpureShots.png Impure Shots when facing opponents that have high health regeneration, or against anyone using a Health Potion. This will reduce their ability to heal and potentially get you an easier kill because of the effect.
    • ImpureShots.png Impure Shots is also extremely useful against a team or player with a healer.
  • Activate ImpureShots.png Impure Shots to take down turrets easily.
  • Miss Fortune Miss Fortune needs to be farmed in order to be successful. In mid to late game, your BulletTime.png Bullet Time can be used to destroy unchecked waves of minions that have gathered.
  • MakeItRain.png Make It Rain provides sight when its activated, use it on brushes or gank spots to avoid ganking.
  • Use MakeItRain.png Make It Rain before using BulletTime.png Bullet Time to keep your enemies in the radius of BulletTime.png Bullet Time.
    • BulletTime.png Bullet Time is able to go through walls, use it to surprise tower-hugging enemies.
  • BulletTime.png Bullet Time is a channeling ability, a stun or a silence can interrupt the ability so be sure that you are out of range to enemy champions with Crowd Control while casting BulletTime.png Bullet Time so that it can not be interrupted.



Doran's Blade  Mercury's Treads  Chalice of Harmony 
最后的轻语  Infinity Edge  守护天使 
Prospector's Blade  Boots of Swiftness  The Lightbringer 
Sanguine Blade  Infinity Edge  Phantom Dancer 


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Miss Fortune Champion Spotlight

Miss Fortune Champion Spotlight

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