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  • Karma 卡尔玛InnerFlame.png Inner Flame grants ability power corresponding to her percentage of missing health. This makes her deceptively powerful when baiting enemies, as your abilities will be much stronger than anticipated when near death.
  • Karma Karma is an assault support, similar to Lux Lux or Kayle Kayle , and requires feed. She needs to stay near the front line to use her abilities and harvest gold, rather than holding back like Sona Sona or Janna Janna and allowing her laning partner to take all the minion kills and do most of the damage.
  • In order to play Karma effectively, you must know when to use a Mantra.png Mantra charge.
    • Using Mantra.png Mantra on HeavenlyWave.png Heavenly Wave should be mainly be used during large teamfights. Because it is an AoE heal, it is more effective on multiple targets than self-healing.
    • Using Mantra.png Mantra on SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond can be used to help an ally escape enemies or cripple a fleeing enemy.
      • A risky, but effective, strategy is to use SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond on a champion that can rush into the enemy team and cause them to hit the tether (e.g. Rammus Rammus).
    • Using Mantra.png Mantra on SoulShield.png Soul Shield is useful when going 1v1 or shielding an ally surrounded by enemies. It is the most damaging of her abilities. Use it on minions if a teammate is not present to deny last hits and provide ranged damage. Do not neglect the shield portion of this ability, as this is not a reliable harrass method due to requiring two cooldowns to clear.
  • Karma Karma can act as a pusher by constantly healing herself, her allies and her minions by using Mantra.png Mantra in conjunction with HeavenlyWave.png Heavenly Wave.
    • When attacking a turret, placing SoulShield.png Soul Shield on a siege minion will greatly increase the amount of attacks you can get in due to the reduced damage they take from turrets increasing the effectiveness of the shield.
  • Making the proper decision on which champion to SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond in a team fight or chase can be difficult.
    • When possible, it's normally a good idea to bond your initiator, unless he's not going to stay within the leash range for very long. In any case, is easier to cast SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond on the portrait on the left.
    • Aiming for a distant enemy makes it possible to catch multiple other enemies in SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond's beam, but will also make the bond easier to break with distance. Aiming for a nearby enemy should keep the bond intact and slow the pursuer most likely to catch you, but will likely not hit any other enemies.
    • SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond deals no damage to the bonded enemy, only enemies which intersect the beam. Consider this fact when under an enemy turret as it can be useful when pushing against their turret, since it doesn't draw aggro, and gives you time to run if the bonded enemy approaches you.
    • Because of the damage component of SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond's beam, it can be used to farm minions or kill neutral monster camps when you are outside of battle.
    • If your team has champions that can blink to the enemies like 20px Xin Zhao or Irelia Irelia. Ask them to wait for your SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond before blink, since blinking with SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond instantly deals damage to the targetted enemy champion and also slow them. Twice the effectiveness while Mantra.png Mantra is on.
  • SoulShield.png Soul Shield's long range and its Mantra.png Mantra-activated large AoE damage make it a great skill to max out first. Using it on yourself or an ally / minion (especially a melee ally or siege minion) can help absorb large amounts of damage and allow you to safely deal damage if used with a Mantra.png Mantra.
    • In the chaos of a team battle, aiming a specific ally can be difficult, so it would be a good idea to cast SoulShield.png Soul Shield's on the portraits on the left
  • When fighting the 20px Ancient Golem to acquire Crest of the Ancient Golem Crest of the Ancient Golem, be sure to save your Mantra.png Mantras for SoulShield.png Soul Shield so that you will be able to deal damage with two abilities rather than HeavenlyWave.png Heavenly Wave alone. You can also use SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond on the small creeps next to 20px Ancient Golem in order to deal additional damage.
  • Karma Karma can perform a incredibly powerful escape combo for one of her allies , using a Mantra.png Mantra for SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond and another one for HeavenlyWave.png Heavenly Wave and a final SoulShield.png Soul Shield to absorb other incomming damage.
    • However this combo will leave Karma Karma with no Mantra.png Mantras and with her damage output killed.
    • To instead chase an opponent switch the SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond to your enemy (charged with Mantra.png Mantra) , a SoulShield.png Soul Shield with Mantra.png Mantra to damage and a HeavenlyWave.png Heavenly Wave a damage even further. Once again this will leave Karma Karma in an awkward if her opponent survives
  • Karma Karma always respawns with both of her Mantra.png Mantra charges, so using one with SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond on an ally or spawning minion will help get you back to the action quickly. With some cooldown reduction, the time it takes to get there may be long enough to get your second Mantra.png Mantra back.
  • By pressing the Mantra.png Mantra hotkey twice, Mantra.png Mantra will queue up on your next two spells cast.
  • The cooldown on Mantra.png Mantra starts when you press the activate it, not when the enhanced spell is cast. Activate Mantra.png Mantra well in advance of an imminent fight to get your Mantra.png Mantra back a few seconds after the fight starts.
  • At present, Karma Karma is a relatively underplayed Champion, so it is not uncommon for both opponents and allies to be unaware of how her abilities work. Use this to your advantage.
    • However, even if the enemy team has no idea how Karma works, you won't be as good without a good team that knows how Karma works and take advantage of what you can offer. Such as run over the enemies while SpiritBond.png Spirit Bond to slow them down when chasing, or stick together so you can mantra heal your whole team.
  • Having defensive summoner spells and points in the Defense Mastery Tree is a good way to make the enemy underestimate your survival skills.


Any Glass cannon build is more viable on Karma Karma due to the fact that it makes her shield very strong and her aoe heal very strong. This makes her amazing in team fights and surprisingly tanky and allows her to bait people with Mantra.png Mantras + SoulShield.png Soul Shield and HeavenlyWave.png Heavenly Wave much more succesfully.


Doran's Ring  Ionian Boots of Lucidity  Frozen Heart 
Aegis of the Legion  瑞莱的冰晶节杖  Will of the Ancients 
Ruby Crystal  Ionian Boots of Lucidity  Catalyst the Protector 
Rod of Ages  Frozen Heart  Will of the Ancients 

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