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  • Enemies are considered isolated if they have no allies within a short distance. The damage of Taste Their Fear Taste Their Fear is massively increased against these targets.
    • This includes neutral monsters so it is recommended to kill off the lesser monsters first so the tougher, final monster will take considerable extra damage from Taste Their Fear Taste Their Fear. However, this tactic should be used selectively as it does not noticeably reduce clear time, and you may even incur extra damage by letting the tougher monster live longer.
  • UnseenThreat.png Unseen Threat activates when 20px Kha'Zix cannot be seen by the enemy team, so you can reactivate it by using brush or Void Assault Void Assault. This can be used as an effective form of harass in lane or to provide steady but heavy damage output.
  • Use the multiple periods of stealth granted by Void Assault Void Assault to juke enemy skills. Void Assault Void Assault gives 20px Kha'Zix incredibly high mobility.
    • If you have invested an evolution point into Void Assault Void Assault, you can use the brief 40% damage reduction to reduce the impact of significant burst damage when timed correctly.
  • When ganking before level 6, try to keep Leap.png Leap available in case the enemy uses Flash.png Flash or other escape skills.
  • From levels 6 and up, use Void Assault Void Assault as soon as you leave the brush in order to surprise the enemy. Use the second cast (or the third, if evolved) for its mobility in case you need to chase or flee.
  • When you evolve abilities you are adapting for 4 different play styles:
    • Evolving Taste Their Fear Taste Their Fear grants you massive burst damage against isolated champions on low health; useful for counter jungling, defending against opposing counter jungling or landing a quicker killing blow on an isolated champion.
    • Evolving Void Spike Void Spike grants you a very powerful harass and farming potential early game. The slow works both defensively and offensively to slow enemy champions. The explosive radius of Void Spike is effectively tripled, if shot correctly, allowing for maximum damage output. (Enemies can only be damaged by one explosion, the same goes for the heal on 20px Kha'Zix)
    • Evolving Leap.png Leap grants you immense ganking potential, due to the extreme range (roughly two times Flash.png Flash) and the instant refresh on killing/assisting a champion. A useful tactic is to jump to an isolated enemy, slow them with UnseenThreat.png Unseen Threat, do maximum damage with Taste Their Fear Taste Their Fear and jump away upon kill, ready for a gank on another lane.
    • Evolving Void Assault Void Assault grants you an extra use of the Ultimate before going on cooldown; essentially granting you an additional use of the passive, the speed bonus and 1 more second of stealth. It will also grant you a nice damage reduction from all sources except true damage, including poison from Singed Singed or Teemo Teemo and AoE burst damage. However, timing is critical, as the reduction only lasts for the 1 second periods of stealth.

Build Usage编辑

  • Building Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force on 20px Kha'Zix if you are doing well is an excellent choice. Because of its slow, damage-multiplier and higher crit chance it synergises well with his two main damage sources: his auto-attacks and his Taste Their Fear Taste Their Fear.
  • Hextech Gunblade item.png Hextech Gunblade improves 20px Kha'Zix sustain, due to life steal and spell vamp, and it synergizes well with his two main sources of damage, his autoattack and his Taste Their Fear Taste Their Fear. More, the item grants you attack damage and ability power, increasing the effectiveness of your passive and the healing provided by Void Spike Void Spike.
  • Spirit Visage item.png Spirit Visage provides cheap mid-game stats and gives additional healing from Void Spike Void Spike.
  • Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force also proc the damage buff every time you activate Void Assault Void Assault, if you wait the 2 seconds cooldown of the item between one activation and another, so if you evolve active camouflage when you use your ultimate you get a three burst of damage within 4-5seconds.
  • Item.png Tiamat is great on jungling with Kha'Zix, along with ganks. The mana regen helps him when he doesn't have blue, the extra attack damage scales with his abilities, and the 50% splash damage helps isolate larger jungle creeps in order to maximize damage. Also, the splash damage increases the chance of isolating a ganked target, increasing your damage against them.


Doran's Blade  Ionian Boots of Lucidity  The Brutalizer 
Maw of Malmortius  The Bloodthirster  最后的轻语 
Prospector's Blade  Ionian Boots of Lucidity  The Brutalizer 
Maw of Malmortius  Sanguine Blade  最后的轻语 
Proving Grounds'
Doran's Blade  Ionian Boots of Lucidity  The Brutalizer 
Maw of Malmortius  Sanguine Blade  最后的轻语 


  • Taste Their Fear Taste Their Fear deals bonus damage to targets that are isolated. Take the advantage by fighting near allied minions, champions, or turrets.
  • Leap.png Leap and Void Assault Void Assault have long cooldowns and Kha'Zix is very vulnerable when these are not available.
  • Don't fight against 20px Kha'Zix near brush, as UnseenThreat.png Unseen Threat resets each time you lose sight of him, allowing him to increase his damage output by moving in and out of the brush.
  • 20px Kha'Zix's appearance changes slightly every time he evolves; watching him closely can give you a warning as to which of his abilites are evolved.
    • If his claws are longer and serrated, then 20px Kha'Zix has evolved Taste Their Fear Taste Their Fear, Gaining bonus damage for it and his passive UnseenThreat.png Unseen Threat along with increased basic attack range.
    • If the two rows of spikes on his shoulders have gotten bigger then 20px Kha'Zix has evolved Void Spike Void Spike, causing him to shoot three pairs of spikes instead of one and allowing them to apply his passive's slow and damage.
    • If a pair of wings are stretching out of his back, then 20px Kha'Zix has evolved Leap.png Leap, greatly increasing its range and instantly refreshing it if he gets a kill or assist.
    • If 20px Kha'Zix's body has changed color then he has evolved Void Assault Void Assault, allowing him to cast it three times before going on cooldown instead of two and takes reduced damage.
    • Note that all these evolutions will also show up as buffs if you click on 20px Kha'Zix himself.

Champion Spotlight编辑

Kha'Zix Champion Spotlight

Kha'Zix Champion Spotlight

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