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  • Zed was designed by CertainlyT and Samizul.[1]
  • Zed is the 1st champion whose death animation shows him escaping (via a shadow portal), rather than actually dying. Whether he actually manages to cheat death remains open to debate.
  • Zed is the 5th champion to utilize energy as a resource.
  • Zed's Razor Shuriken ability appears to be based off the Fūma Shuriken, a giant shuriken.
    • It is also known as the "Shadow Windmill," "Ninja Star," "Ninja Shuriken," "Magic Shuriken," "Hellwind Shuriken," and "Evil Wind Shuriken."
  • Zed is one of the 8 champions who do not have a single skill that scales off ability power; along with Darius Darius, Draven Draven, Garen Garen, Olaf Olaf, Riven Riven, Talon Talon and Vayne Vayne.
  • Zed switches his running animation into Airplane Arms, seen here when moving at a high movement speed (such as using Ghost.png Ghost), not unlike Sejunai, Nautilus, and Diana.


  • Zed's joke is a reference to the Mortal Kombat franchise.
  • Zed shares a quote with Shen Shen: "Without a sound."
  • Zed's quote, "Balance is a fool's master." could be a reference to Shen and Shen's father.

Design & Concept编辑

  • Zed bears some resemblance to the Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, namely Shredder's later designs where his face cannot be seen and his facemask is a grill-like kenpo.
    • Zed also serves as an antagonistic role to a group of ninjas in his backstory.
  • Zed has similar powers over shadows and looks similar to Noob Saibot from the Mortal Kombat series.
  • Zed also bears some resemblance to Lord Zedd from the Power Rangers franchise, mainly due to the name and similarities in the mask.
  • Zed's Shockblade skin bears some resemblance to Storm Shadow from the G.I. Joe franchise.
  • Zed's dance bears some resemblance to the Tae Kwon Do form Koryo.
  • Zed's name is similar to the name of the antagonist organization from the classic Genesis Shinobi series, where the organization is known as "Zeed" and later "Neo Zeed". Furthermore, on the game "Revenge of Shinobi", Neo Zeed kills the protagonist's master.


  • Zed and Shen Shen were taught under the same master, Shen's father, and were rivals to one another.
  • Zed would later murder Shen's father and establish a new ninja order, the Order of the Shadow.
  • Zed seeks to abolish the old ways of balance and replace them with the forbidden art of the shadow. Any ninja who refuses to learn will be eliminated.
  • According to Runaan, Akali Akali may have some former connection to Zed. What that connection was has yet to be elaborated on.[2]

Login Music编辑

Zed's Theme


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