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Skill usage编辑

  • Utilizing Visionary.png Visionary can enable Nunu Nunu to constantly harass with Ice Blast Ice Blast and heal with Consume.png Consume. Blood Boil Blood Boil can also be utilized to trigger Visionary.png Visionary more often, especially if laning with a friendly ranged champion like Ashe Ashe or Tristana Tristana.
  • Consume.png Consume allows Nunu Nunu to stay in a lane against ranged opponents, especially against Heimerdinger 黑默丁格H-28GEvolutionTurret.png H-28G Evolution Turret which can be destroyed with a single Consume.png Consume. It also allows Nunu Nunu to be a fairly effective jungler due to its healing and true damage.
  • Nunu Nunu is a great jungler but an even better counter-jungler. With Consume.png Consume, you can steal neutral creeps from the enemy jungler and easily return to your jungle route.
    • You can use Consume.png Consume to heal yourself if a fight is not going your way, or to heal some health if you are trying to escape from an enemy. It can often help you avoid death if you Consume.png Consume a unit while retreating.
  • Blood Boil Blood Boil has a 15 second cooldown and lasts for 15 seconds. It can be cast on an ally or minion (or just yourself if jungling) and you will still receive the same effect. You should try to always have the buff active.
    • Combine this with Ice Blast Ice Blast to chase down a fleeing enemy or escape a pursuer without a gap closer.
  • Use Blood Boil Blood Boil on an auto-attack based ally to improve their damage output.
  • Using Blood Boil Blood Boil on a cannon minion can dramatically increase your pushing power.
  • Due to the high slow and long duration of the slow from Ice Blast Ice Blast, it is often a good idea to get at least one rank early game to help get kills.
  • You can choose to interrupt Absolute Zero Absolute Zero early for partial damage if an opponent is about to escape its range.
  • Absolute Zero Absolute Zero can be canceled by crowd control effects such as stun/silence/taunt/etc. Be wary of the enemy champions around you.
  • You can use a Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil or 黑暗之盾.png Black Shield to block crowd control spells.
  • Nunu 努努Absolute Zero Absolute Zero is most effective when it is used alongside other AoE ultimates such as CurseoftheSadMummy.png Curse of the Sad Mummy, or IdolOfDurand.png Idol Of Durand.
  • Regardless of whether you can channel the ability for its full duration, Absolute Zero Absolute Zero is still an AoE slow and attack speed debuff that could affect the outcome of a teamfight or small skirmish.
  • An effective skill order when playing Nunu Nunu as a support is to get one level of each skill, immediately improve Ice Blast Ice Blast to level 3, and max out Blood Boil Blood Boil as soon as possible afterwards. This leads to the best combination of harass and utility to make him a useful laning partner and contributor in teamfights.
  • When supporting as Nunu Nunu, make sure to be a bully in lane by constantly harrassing with Ice Blast Ice Blast and making the enemy target you. It is easy to use Consume.png Consume on cannon minions without taking CS to recover health. If the enemy duo decides to focus you and spend CC, use Blood Boil Blood Boil on your carry and fight. This strategy is effective, but can be mana heavy, so be sure to regularly power Visionary.png Visionary on full health minions.



Alternative jungling method with high-level masteries and runes:

  • Starting items: Sapphire Crystal item.png Sapphire Crystal, Health Potion item.png Health Potion x2
  • Jungling order: Big Wolf (Consume.png Consume + a couple of melee hits to kill) → Blue Golem (Smite, leash recommended) → finish Wolves → Wraiths → Small Golems → Lizard (Smite)
    • The Big Wolf is taken out first because of the down time between the Wolf camp spawn and the Blue Golem spawn. This saves a few seconds and allows Nunu Nunu to hit level 2 after the Blue Golem dies.
    • Good runes to use are Flat Armor Seals, Attack Speed Marks, CDR or AP Glyphs, and flat Health Quintessences.
    • Masteries should either be 9/0/21 (getting the Smite mastery and CDR+Magic Pen in offensive), 0/9/21 (getting the armor, MR and regen in Defensive), or 0/21/9.


Doran's Ring  Mercury's Treads  女妖面纱 
Rod of Ages  Sunfire Cape  守护天使 
Ruby Crystal  Mercury's Treads  Catalyst the Protector 
Rod of Ages  Sunfire Cape  Frozen Heart 


  • Nunu 努努Ice Blast Ice Blast is the only single-targeted spell he has. Therefore, buying a Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil will block the spell once every 45 seconds.
  • His laning phase is one of the hardest to counter, due to his spammable Ice Blast Ice Blast and his Consume.png Consume that restores his health and gives him a single minion kill and his Visionary.png Visionary that allows him to stay in lane for a very long time.
  • Although he has high survability he's mostly dependant on his Consume.png Consume to stay in lane so mana starvation will render him weak. Constant harassment in lane will force him to use his spells when Visionary.png Visionary isn't active, so he'll be left with no sustain apart from Health Potion item.png Health Potions that he may have bought Do that often enough and he'll have to hug his turret till his mana regens, or even be forced to recall if you can harass him under his turret. Because of this, a champion that relies on auto attacks makes a great lane counter. Examples are Caitlyn Caitlyn (Decent range, and her PiltoverPeacemaker.png Piltover Peacemaker can harass him under a turret), 20px Twisted Fate (Crowd Control, and the range of his Wild Cards Wild Cards is high enough to easily harass him under a turret).
  • When you see an enemy Nunu Nunu going to a brush, take care of face-checking it. He might start channeling Absolute Zero Absolute Zero if you get too close.
  • Nunu Nunu health stats are naturally high, even without any health-giving item. Investing in a Item.png Madred's Bloodrazor can counter this.
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