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  • RighteousGust.png Righteous Gust can be useful in initiating teamfights, chasing runners, or escaping pursuers. It is also good to combo with it following ResoluteSmite.png Resolute Smite.
  • Try to lane against an enemy caster, as they cannot effectively harass you. By zoning with Galio 加里奥ResoluteSmite.png Resolute Smite and RighteousGust.png Righteous Gust, the casters will become underfarmed and underleveled, giving your team an advantage.
  • The cost of Galio Galio's spells early game is expensive, with Galio Galio's low base mana pool. Try not to spam your ResoluteSmite.png Resolute Smite and RighteousGust.png Righteous Gust at early levels.
    • In accordance with this, try to save ResoluteSmite.png Resolute Smite to be cast upon an enemy that is going to last-hit - the animations all champions must go through to autoattack forces them to stand still.
  • Placing Bulwark.png Bulwark on an ally under attack is a good way to protect them and regain health.
    • If you are low on health, throw the shield on and draw aggro from some minions into attacking you for the duration of the shield. The damage done will be negligible in comparison to the heal.
  • Try using Bulwark.png Bulwark before casting your spells as it indirectly increases your ability power.
  • It is a good idea to cast Bulwark.png Bulwark right before using IdolOfDurand.png Idol Of Durand. The increased armor will minimize damage, and its healing ability may even allow you to end the move with more health than you started with. It will raise ability power as well as result of his passive, allowing you to increase your damage output.
  • You can significantly increase the damage potential of IdolOfDurand.png Idol Of Durand by using it near high attack speed enemies or when multiple foes are close. Keep in mind that minions are also taunted, and may be used to take more hits with minimal damage.
  • IdolOfDurand.png Idol Of Durand is one of the best team-based ultimates in the game as it works very well with many other champions' ultimates such as Nunu 努努Absolute Zero Absolute Zero, , or Katarina 卡特琳娜DeathLotus.png Death Lotus.
  • Know how long you will need to channel Idol of Durand Idol of Durand as the damage reduction does not make you invincible.
    • Cancelling the channel sooner after getting hit 8 times will deal as much damage as leaving the spell to channel for the full duration.
    • The CC from the ultimate is sometimes more effective than the damage, so channelling the spell for the full duration in order to maximize the duration of the taunt can be beneficial.
    • Against enemies with tenacity, you may need to end your ultimate early to ensure they get hit.
  • IdolOfDurand.png Idol Of Durand can be used to easily get a kill on enemies pushing your turret, as turrets prioritize enemies attacking friendly champions. Pull an enemy in range of the tower and activate it to get the turret to attack them.
  • Galio can also take Clarity.png Clarity as this compensates for his high mana costs, allowing him to farm minions with ResoluteSmite.png Resolute Smite and RighteousGust.png Righteous Gust and heal with Bulwark.png Bulwark.
  • Galio Galio can easily/should initiate team fights with Flash.png Flash into IdolOfDurand.png Idol Of Durand.
  • If you notice multiple enemies with Tenacity items or abilities that reduce the duration of crowd control, it will be beneficial to end IdolOfDurand.png Idol Of Durand early as they won't be taunted for the entire duration.
    • Champions with CC reduction include 20px Dr. Mundo, Irelia Irelia, Singed Singed, and Trundle Trundle; it would be better to use your ultimate on other champions, or to end it early to maximize its potential.
  • You should be wary of any champion that can reduce magic resistance, as they will lower your damage output.Soraka 索拉卡Starcall.png Starcall is an example of this, as well as Trundle 特朗德尔Agony.png Agony. Champions carrying Item.png Malady will also reduce your magic resistance.
  • Because it causes champions to autoattack you, IdolOfDurand.png Idol Of Durand is vulnerable to interruption by attack modifiers such as Blitzcrank 布里茨Power Fist Power Fist, Garen 盖伦DecisiveStrike.png Decisive Strike, and Udyr 乌迪尔BearStance.png Bear Stance. Be careful when using it around these champions.


Bonus ability power gained through RunicSkin.png Runic Skin编辑

Source Bonus
Base Magic Resistance 15
Bulwark.png Bulwark (15 / 22.5 / 30 / 37.5 / 45)
CreepingDeath.png Creeping Death (5 / 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 / 15)
Command: Protect Command: Protect (5 / 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 / 15)
AriaofPerseverance.png Aria of Perseverance (4 / 5.5 / 7 / 8.5 / 10)
Consecration.png Consecration 8
Null-Magic Mantle item.png Null-Magic Mantle 12
Negatron Cloak item.png Negatron Cloak 24
Mercury's Treads item.png Mercury's Treads 12.5
Chalice of Harmony item.png Chalice of Harmony 15
Athene's Unholy Grail item.png Athene's Unholy Grail 20
Aegis of the Legion item.png Aegis of the Legion 19.5 (12 + 7.5)
Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter 28.5
Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil 25
Item.png Force of Nature 38
Item.png Hexdrinker 15
Maw of Malmortius item.png Maw of Malmortius 18
Lich Bane item.png Lich Bane 15
Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash 24
Spirit Visage item.png Spirit Visage 15
Wit's End item.png Wit's End 15 (Unstacked) / 25 (Fully Stacked)
Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel 19
Item.png Odyn's Veil 25


Meki Pendant  Mercury's Treads  Chalice of Harmony 
Aegis of the Legion  女妖面纱  守护天使 
Meki Pendant  Mercury's Treads  Chalice of Harmony 
Spirit Visage  Force of Nature  兰顿之兆 


  • Buying tenacity items such as Mercury's Treads item.png Mercury's Treads will reduce the taunt from his Idol of Durand Idol of Durand, Giving you little time to escape from it by using either dash or Flash.png Flash.
  • On-hit effects that apply hard CC can quickly interrupt Idol of Durand Idol of Durand even while you are taunted by it. If you have them, consider saving them in expectation of it.
  • Galio Galio will certainly buy magic resist items to synergize it with his passive, RunicSkin.png Runic Skin. Therefore, if you play as a mage, it is reccomended to buy a magic penetration item such as Void Staff item.png Void Staff.
  • If Galio Galio or other enemy champion is affected with Bulwark.png Bulwark, consider changing target as Galio Galio will regain health whenever the target is damaged.
  • Change your escape path when the enemy Galio Galio uses RighteousGust.png Righteous Gust. The speed boost is only applied when Galio Galio or his allies walk within the spell's path.
  • Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter will give you magic resist as well as reduce Galio Galio's damage output from RunicSkin.png Runic Skin
  • Galio Galio has no ability to peel enemy units off others and uses skillshots to attack and his ultimate is his only way to peel enemy units off others, avoiding Galio Galio's skillshots will allow you to focus on enemy units with impunity. Alternatively, a fighter champion with a gap-closer can tank Galio Galio's skillshots and then charge in, avoiding Galio Galio's slow.

Champion spotlight编辑

Galio Champion Spotlight

Galio Champion Spotlight

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