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  • Use Reckoning.png Reckoning at the start of a fight in order to inflict as much damage as possible, as her damage is amplified with this skill.
  • Aggressive use of Reckoning.png Reckoning enables Kayle Kayle to dominate her lane effectively.
  • Use DivineBlessing.png Divine Blessing to get back to your lane quicker.
  • Righteous Fury Righteous Fury's magic damage will hit the target regardless of blind effects and Jax 贾克斯CounterStrike.png Counter Strike.
  • Righteous Fury Righteous Fury's splash damage will damage turrets but not inhibitors if you attack a minion or champion near them.
  • If Righteous Fury Righteous Fury's duration ends while Kayle Kayle is in the middle of her attack animation, she will hit the target, but neither the bonus damage nor the splash will be dealt. The attack is considered ranged.
  • It is possible to hit enemies easily while staying at the back of your minion wave by using Righteous Fury Righteous Fury. This can be accomplished because not only does the splash damage 'spill' over to nearby enemies when you last hit a minion, but also allows you to harass melee enemies. Staying behind your wave in this fashion will let you wait for cooldowns and heal yourself or allies.
  • Putting a point into Righteous Fury Righteous Fury instead of Reckoning.png Reckoning at level one may improve your ability to harass and stay in lane due to its lower mana cost and more continuous effect/duration.
  • Use Intervention.png Intervention to rescue fleeing allies, DivineBlessing.png Divine Blessing to hasten them, and Reckoning.png Reckoning to slow their pursuers.
  • Intervention.png Intervention is also an effective ability to bait enemies to attack or turret dive at low health making them commit to killing your ally or die.
  • It may not always be best to Intervention.png Intervention an ally when they are nearly dead. If they are about to receive a large amount of burst damage (such as Annie Annie's combo), shielding them will absorb more damage than if you were to shield them just before death (which may end up saving their life or prolonging it more effectively than if you had waited until the last second).
  • Intervention.png Intervention will not grant invulnerability against the Nexus Obelisk.



Doran's Ring  Berserker's Greaves  基克的使徒 
Trinity Force  Aegis of the Legion  鬼索的狂暴之刃 
Prospector's Ring  Berserker's Greaves  Trinity Force 
纳什之牙  鬼索的狂暴之刃  Sanguine Blade 


  • Remember that HolyFervor.png Holy Fervor will shred your armor and magic resistance if left unchecked. Keep this in mind before attacking her.
    • The combination of Reckoning.png Reckoning, HolyFervor.png Holy Fervor and very likely a Guinsoo's Rageblade item.png Guinsoo's Rageblade will make Kayle Kayle very potent at duels , becoming very strong the longer the duel lasts.
    • If she starts to weaken she will likely use Intervention.png Intervention to quickly turn to tides of the duel and kill you.
    • Because of this avoid duels that last too long
  • Kayle Kayle is one of the most versatile champions of the game, being able to play as support, attack damage carry, and ability power carry.
  • Her attack damage build is strong early and mid game and is still a threat late game.
  • Her ability power build is very weak early game and not very strong mid game.Its extremely potent late game with powerful heals , and massive damage from Reckoning.png Reckoning and Righteous Fury Righteous Fury.
    • However, this build is rather fragile, try to kill her with an stun or silence to prenvent her Intervention.png Intervention from even activating.
  • Be careful with her Reckoning.png Reckoning and her Righteous Fury Righteous Fury combo. Both of these spells can kite you if combined together.
  • Her ultimate, Intervention.png Intervention blocks any form of damage to the target with this buff, including true damage. Wait until the buff wears off before you use your high-damaging spell.
  • Never underestimate Kayle Kayle's mobility. DivineBlessing.png Divine Blessing gives her movement speed and Reckoning.png Reckoning will slow you down, allowing her to outrun you.
  • Try to force Kayle Kayle to use her spells and then back off, due to her high mana costs in the early game. This way she cannot farm as easily and reach her very potent late game.
  • Kayle Kayle is very weak early game, burst damage can easily kill her.
  • Kayle Kayle can use Intervention.png Intervention to avoid damage, but while in this state she is still vulnerable to CC effects. Use this tactically when she turret dives to have her still take damage when Intervention's short duration wears off. (2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds).

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Kayle Champion Spotlight

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