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  • Nasus was designed by Ezreal (person).
  • Nasus is voiced by Eugene McDaniels. [1]
  • Nasus bears a great resemblance to the Egyptian god Anubis.
  • Nasus has a brother named Renekton Renekton who may be based on Sobek.
  • Nasus's sceptre has a model that is similar to a Was, a scepter held by Egyptian gods.
  • Nasus is one of a few champions to have multiple textures in one skin. When he uses Fury of the Sands Fury of the Sands, in addition to growing in size, his armor turns silver and his skin turns jet black.
  • Nasus's original name during development was "Ammon".
  • Nasus's dance is the famous "Walk like an Egyptian".


  • Nasus' joke is a quote from the famous song Who Let the Dogs Out? by Baha Men.
  • Nasus' quote "Where angels fear to tread" comes from Alexander Pope in his An Essay on Criticism but has been used elsewhere since its original creation.


  • 内瑟斯头像.png Galactic Nasus is a direct reference to the alien humanoid Egyptian guards of Ra in the movie and tv series Stargate.
  • 内瑟斯头像.png Riot K-9 Nasus refers to a Canine Unit (AKA K-9 Unit) of a police force as Nasus is sporting Riot police gear.
    • Riot K-9 Nasus, orginally unavailable for purchase and only obtainable through skin cards handed out at events such as Gamescom 2011 [2], was made available for purchase through the Riot Store on August 16th, 2012 through August 19th, 2012 for 975RP.


  • In another world, Nasus was part of a race of animalistic creatures that served as the rulers and protectors of the people. He was known as the Keeper of the Great Library, teaching the scholars who came to study at the library about the Cycle of Life and Death.
  • Nasus wishes to slay his brother Renekton Renekton, believing him to be beyond redemption.
  • Nasus is most at home in the ruins of the Shurima Desert.


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