Patch icon 内测第 6 周
Release date (US) 2009
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英雄联盟第 6 周 编辑

英雄 编辑

Ashe Ashe

Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks

  • Stats:
    • Attack range reduced to 400 from 480.
    • Base health increased to 500 from 480.
  • Drain.png Drain: Tooltip now show the proper ability power bonus.
  • DarkWind.png Dark Wind: Damage per bounce increased to 100 from 85.
  • Crowstorm.png Crowstorm: Damage increased to 170/250/330 from 150/230/330.


  • Highlander.png Highlander:
    • Cooldown changed to 20 seconds at all ranks from 30/25/22/18/14.
    • Can no longer break "net" effects such as Ryze 瑞兹RunePrison.png Rune Prison.
  • Corrected tooltip errors for Meditate.png Meditate.

Alistar Minotaur

Sion Sion

Soraka Soraka

  • Wish.png Wish: Heal amount increased to 250/400/550 from 250/350/450.

Tristana Tristana

20px Twisted Fate

  • Gate.png Gate: Added a new particle effect.

Nunu Yeti

物品 编辑

  • B. F. Sword item.png B. F. Sword: Gold cost increased to 1850 from 1550.
  • Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet: Attack damage reduced to 30 from 40.
  • Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge:
    • Combine cost reduced to 350 from 600.
    • Total item cost increased to 3975 from 3775.
  • Long Sword item.png Long Sword: Gold cost increased to 415 from 350.
  • Item.png Phage:
    • Combine cost increased to 600 from 200.
    • Attack damage reduced to 18 from 20.
    • Chance on-hit to slow the target increased to 25% from 18%.
    • Slow amount increased to 40% from 25%.
    • Armor reduction duration reduced to 3 seconds from 5.
  • Item.png Passion's Embrace is once again named Item.png Philosopher's Stone.
  • Item.png Pickaxe: Gold cost increased to 975 from 825.
  • Item.png Thornmail: Damage return increased to 20 from 18.
  • Item.png Tiamat:
    • Combine cost reduced to 200 from 600.
    • Attack damage reduced to 50 from 65.

Summoner Spells & Masteries 编辑

  • Clairvoyance.png Clairvoyance:
    • Cast range increased to 1100 from 800.
    • Sight radius reduced to 1650 from 1800.
  • Ghost.png Ghost: Movement speed bonus reduced to 15% from 20%.
  • Smite.png Smite:
    • Cooldown increased to 90 seconds from 75.
    • Damage is now reduced by the target's magic resistance.
  • Teleport.png Teleport: Cooldown reduced to 6 minutes from 7.
  • Haste Haste: Movement speed bonus on Ghost.png Ghost reduced to 10% from 15%.

General 编辑

  • Archer minion health increased to 280 from 260.
  • Melee minion health increased to 445 from 425.
  • All champions now get an additional 20 health per level.
  • Turret stats will not scale as the game progresses.
  • Attack move now functions correctly.
  • Improved path-finding when chasing units.
  • Added shortcut in the start menu for submitting logs.
  • Improved chasing around corners.
  • Resolved an issue where right clicking an enemy in Fog of War had not effect.
  • 回城.png Teleport Home skill now has a new particle that matches its duration.
  • Minions no longer give half gold and experience when you have lost an inhibitor.

HUD Changes 编辑

  • Fixed bugs with cooldown timers not matching the UI, which could put you in bad states sometimes where it looked like you could cast a spell that had not yet cooled down.
  • Fixed the issues with items that reduced cooldown not being reflected in the HUD.
  • The Esc key now closes the chat box, and erases any text in it.
  • Fixed an issue with in-game health bars disappearing when you hovered over a player in the HUD.
  • Tooltip positions improved.
  • Fixed an error with announcement messages appearing overlapped on the screen.
  • Announcements now have icons for towers and minions.
  • Disconnect messages have improved aesthetically.
  • Shop should no longer overlap with the camera lock/unlock button, causing people to press it accidentally.
  • Maximum camera distance increased by 6.5%
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