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Chinese artwork编辑

  • Classic skin
  • Rumble in the Jungle
  • Bilgerat Rumble


  • Rumble was designed by FeralPony.[1]
  • Rumble and Corki are the only yordles that ride something.
  • Rumble's mech is named "Tristy".
  • Rumble is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, Who also voices Ziggs Ziggs.
  • Rumble, Xerath Xerath and Varus Varus are the only champions able to inflict crowd control effects on themselves.
  • Rumble's name and attitude resemble that of Rumble, a trash-talking villain from the Transformers.
  • Rumble from all the yordles is the one with more obvious appearance and love for construct similarities with the Asuran a race from the Guild Wars series.


  • 兰博头像.png Rumble in the Jungle is a play on words, also used for the name of the boxing match Rumble in the jungle.
  • The Chinese 兰博头像.png Bilgerat Rumble artwork shows Rumble shooting bullets where instead of flames.
    • Similarly, 兰博头像.png Rumble in the Jungle's flamethrower is shooting some type of grenade.


  • While Rumble dislikes Piltover, he is loyal to Bandle City.
  • It is hinted from The Journal of Justice that Rumble has a crush on Tristana Tristana and therefore named his mech Tristy.


Art spotlight编辑

Rumble Art Spotlight

Rumble Art Spotlight

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