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Elise Render
Vicious and elegant, Elise's charismatic grace lures the innocent and greedy alike into her web of deceit. While her victims may discover her true intentions, no one has ever lived to reveal what dark secrets lie behind her enigmatic guise.

In dark halls, hidden from society, Elise preached the word of a mythical spider god. Her desperate followers hungered for the god's favor, believing its blessings to be the source of Elise's vibrance and power. When Elise proclaimed that she would lead a pilgrimage to the spider god's shrine, she selected only her most devout disciples to join her. Ecstatic, the chosen few followed her blindly as she led them on a perilous journey across the sea. When they came ashore at their final destination, the mysterious Shadow Isles, Elise led them to a cavern shrouded in webs. Expecting a shrine, the group looked to their priestess in confusion. She turned to the crowd and raised her arms in triumph, revealing strange, spider-like legs that grew out of her back. Seeing her terrifying true form for the first time, Elise's followers turned to flee, but she conjured magical webs to trap them. With her victims ensnared, she turned to face the cave and uttered a screeching cry. An enormous undead spider-beast emerged from the darkness, dragging its hideous bulk on thick, pointed legs. Elise's followers could only scream as the monstrous spider ate them alive. She approached the sated creature, extracted its venom, and drank the strange substance. An immediate sense of rejuvenation flowed through her veins. With mortality delayed once again, Elise left to rejoin her congregation. They were overjoyed to hear that their fellows had chosen to remain at the spider god's sacred home. Elise reassured her disciples that she would lead another pilgrimage in due time. The spider god would be waiting.

"The truly faithful need not fear the spider's embrace."
"Elise's regal demeanor and captivating charms belied the feeling of dread she conjured in the pit of my stomach. Something in the deceptively musical timbre of her voice gave the impression there was a monstrous beast locked away beneath that unearthly smile. I looked around at her spellbound followers, and could not shake the feeling that they were ensnared like insects in a web, awaiting some horrible fate."
Riven Riven
"As the fog parted and I first beheld the Shadow Isles, I sensed immediately that something was amiss. From the mysteriously placid waters of the bay to the dead calm of the night air, an eerie stillness gripped the place – even the sea and sky. Even as I made ready to go ashore, the crew begged me to return at once to the mainland."
"Despite its size, the immense forest loomed like a sepulcher around us, and the dank air and unnatural stillness bred increasing feelings of paranoia and dread. My companion begged me to turn back, but some primal yearning spurred me onward, deeper into the gloom."
"The Shadow Isles? They say they don't exist. Mythical isles haunted by ghosts and spectres. Tales to frighten children. But I know better. I have been there. When I first set foot there I immediately knew something was wrong with that place. My skin crawled and in the pit of my stomach I felt a terrible revulsion. Life didn't belong there. But I also knew... somehow, deep inside I knew that the islands welcomed me. They wanted me.

"As I wondered deeper I saw death all around me. Ghostly trees, grass and flowers engulfed me in their horrifying radiance. It was so quiet and so beautiful. I passed my hand through a spectral leaf fluttering in the wind; but there was no wind. That was when I understood that death was another world and I was at its door.

"Then I heard the song; the spider's song. My companion cried out in terror and fell to his knees. I embraced him. I told him he had nothing to fear. He was going to a better place.

I will take them all to a better place."


Upon Selection
"Only the spider is safe in her web."
"I know what lurks in the shadows."
"I know the true path."
"There's nothing to fear."
"Pull the strings. Watch them dance."
"We must all make sacrifices."
"I can show them the way to divinity."
"My true beauty is beneath the skin."
"They need... guidance."
"Every web, a masterpiece."
"I have... refined tastes."
"The spider demands sacrifice."
"Ah, the tangled webs we weave."
"Dangling by a thread."
"Weak willed fools!"
"It will all be over soon."
"I hear a man likes a lady with legs."
"Hmm, why so tense? Relax."
"Come closer, I don't BITE!"
"The spider, I. And you, the fly."

"I can feel their fear."
"Strand by silken strand."
"How fast can they run on two legs?"
"I lurk in every shadow."
"Now I thrive!"
"Skitter along, my pets."
"Nothing escapes my web."
"Partake of my poison."
"Tangled in my web."
"Sate my hunger!"
"They'll make quite the mess."
"Simply delicious."
"Nothing but buzzing flies."
"The pain will be fleeting."
"Ha! It's all in the body language."
"Ha! Ladies wish they had legs like me."
"The spider, I. And you, the fly."
"Surprise! I DO bite."

Twisted Treeline Altar Responses编辑

If Elise Elise captures the Altars on Twisted Treeline, the Altars may give the following unique responses:

West Altar
"Your power is not worth the price, Elise."
"Your humanity traded away, and for what?"
East Altar
"The spider welcomes you, Elise!"
"We thank you for your gifts, Elise!"


Priscilla, the Spider Queen编辑


Priscilla portrait

Priscilla, the Spider Queen, was an unreleased champion that was left in the development stage by Riot Games. Her artwork and spell icons remained in the game files.

It was rumored that the Spider Queen was reworked into Nidalee Nidalee, since that was the name used for the Spider Queen at the time. Also, in early development, Nidalee used poison in all of her attacks and her Prowl caused her to become camouflaged. However, on May 22nd, 2010, Coronach stated: "To fuel more speculation, Heimerdinger is not Averdrian and Nidalee is not the Spider Queen."[1] It was later believed that Priscilla had been reworked into Urgot Urgot because of the physical similarities, though it was uncertain whether or not their abilities shared any similarities.

Item.png Priscilla's Blessing, an item released with the launch of Dominion in September 2011 may have a correlation to Priscilla because of the name and the fact that the item grants a higher capture rate and spiders are known to capture enemies, although the item was removed shortly after.

There was a poll on the League of Legends forums petitioning for Riot to bring the Spider Queen into the game. The forum can be seen here.

The Shadow Isles Beckon编辑

Announcement made by NeeksNaman:[2]

File:Shadow Isles.jpg
Swear your allegiance to the Shadow Isles, summoners! Shrouded in mist and shadows, this mysterious land promises death for those brazen or unfortunate enough to make their way to its shores. Most who journey here never return, but a few are embraced by this strange place and seize unimaginable power. Among these terrifying forces is Elise, the Spider Queen.

Learn more about the Shadow Isles and the Spider Queen here.

Elise, the Spider Queen Revealed编辑

Announcement made by NeeksNaman:[3]

File:Elise Teaser.jpg
This patch, we'll welcome a champion with a lot of history into the League of Legends lineup: Elise, the Spider Queen. Originally concepted over three years ago, Elise proved to be a challenging champion to fully realize. Finally coming together as a transform champion, Elise has the ability to assume the form of either a regal mage or a deadly spider assassin.

Like all transform champions, successfully playing Elise involves balancing two distinct kits. More than any of her counterparts, however, the Spider Queen's two forms embody distinct, but complimentary roles. Unlike Jayce, whose kit emphasizes flowing smoothly between ranged and melee skillsets, or Nidalee, who uses her cougar mobility to split push and create distance for her long ranged attacks, Elise's two ability sets separate definitively into mage and assassin roles.

In her human mage form, Elise specializes in keeping her distance using low-cooldown nukes and crowd control abilities. Her spells emphasize wearing down high-health targets in preparation for a brutal finish in spider form. At the heart of this gameplay is Neurotoxin which deals damage based on the opponent's current health. While in this form, she also generates a spiderling each time she casts a spell. Upon transformation into a spider, she summons these spiderlings to fight alongside her. Investing the time to build up your minion count is essential to performing a perfect assassination.

Once she's switched to her spider assassin form, Elise's kit takes on an entirely different theme. She gains a number of bonuses to her melee capabilities, and her spiderlings become active to help rapidly damage an opponent. Using Rappel, she can ascend above the battlefield, vanishing from sight and becoming untargetable for a short duration. Once she's suspended, she can lower herself upon a nearby target, surrounding them with spiderlings. Boosting her minions' attack speed with Skittering Frenzy can quickly burst down a surrounded enemy, leaving them vulnerable to execution with Venomous Bite.

Using both spider and human form effectively is the key to making the most out of the Spider Queen. Having the good judgment to stay safe in your mage form while you fight to create the opportunity for a clean spider kill will make or break your success on the Fields of Justice.

Inside Design: Weaving the Spider Queen's Web 编辑

Announcement made by ByronicHero:[4]

Elise, the Spider Queen, is poised and ready to unleash her horrific powers on the Fields of Justice. We spoke to some of the Rioters involved in bringing Elise to life and asked them about the challenges of arachnophobia, visual design, sound design, and what's so damn cool about transforming into a monstrous, man-eating spider. Here's the inside scoop on Elise from the developers behind this dangerous new champion.

Steven "Coronach" DeRose – Game Designer Christina "RIOTSTEEN" Wun – Senior VFX Artist Mike "ohmikegoodness" Laygo – Senior Animator Iain "Harrow" Hendry – Associate Creative Designer Sam "cgsammu" Yang – Character Artist Mark "Riot G Mang" Sassenrath – Game Analyst Adam "BelligerentSwan" Swanson – Sound Designer

The interview can be found here.

Previous Abilities 编辑

These images and names were extracted from the game files.


  • Neurotoxin.png Neurotoxin:
    • Ability power ratio increased to 3% per 100 Ability Power from 2%
  • Venomous Bite Venomous Bite:
    • Ability power ratio increased to 3% per 100 Ability Power from 2%
  • Cocoon.png Cocoon:
    • Missile speed increased to 1450 from 1300.
    • Now reveals the target if it hits.
  • Spider Form Spider Form:
    • Bonus magic damage per attack ability power ratio increased to 0.3 from 0.2

V1.0.0.150: Added October 26th

  • Abilities in Human Form:
    • Spider Swarm Spider Swarm (Innate): Elise's Human Form spells will ready a spiderling when cast on an enemy.
    • Neurotoxin.png Neurotoxin: Elise damages a target based on its current health.
    • Volatile Spiderling Volatile Spiderling: Elise releases a venom-gorged spirdeling that explodes when it nears a target.
    • Cocoon.png Cocoon: Elise fires a skillshot that stuns the first enemy struck.
    • Spider Form Spider Form: Elise transforms into a menacing spider with new abilities. While in Spider Form, Elise deals bonus magic damage on attack and has increased movement speed, armor, and magic resistance. Each level of her ultimate allows Elise to summon an additional spiderling.
  • Abilities in Spider Form:
    • Spider Swarm Spider Swarm (Innate): When she transforms into Spider Form, Elise summons her spiderlings to attack nearby enemies.
    • Venomous Bite Venomous Bite: Elise lunges forward and bites her target, slowing them and dealing bonus damage based on how low its Health is.
    • Skittering Frenzy Skittering Frenzy:
      • Passive: Spiderlings have increased attack speed.
      • Active: Elise and her spiderlings gain Attack Speed and heal her on each attack.
    • Rappel.png Rappel:
      • On enemy cast: Elise and her spiderlings ascend high into the air and descend upon an enemy target.
      • On ground cast: Elise and her spiderlings ascend high into the air, becoming untargetable for two seconds. Casting Rappel on a nearby enemy during this time will descend upon your target.
    • Human Form Human Form: Elise transforms into a human form with new abilities. Each level of her ultimate allows Elise to summon an additional spiderling.


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