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Ezreal was born with the gift of magic flowing through his veins. Ezreal, however, was also born with a much stronger sense of wanderlust. Put into school to become a skilled techmaturgist, Ezreal quickly became bored with magical studies. By the time the boy genius was eight years old, he had fully mapped out the underground tunnels of Piltover. The quality of his work was so great that the government of Piltover purchased his maps and salaried his services as Piltover's Grandmaster Explorer. This sealed the deal on Ezreal's path in life - he would eschew the arcane arts in favor of archaeology. Since then, countless of Ezreal's adventures have been written about as romanticized stories.

One of Ezreal's latest adventures, however, has brought him face-to-face with his other legacy - his latent magical power. While exploring the pyramids of Shurima Desert, Ezreal uncovered an amulet of incredible power. Aside from the sheer size of the amulet (it was made for a being easily twice Ezreal's size), it allows the wielder to control and shape magical energy - provided a source of magic is in the vicinity. This allowed Ezreal to tap into his natural talent for magic without having to put any serious effort into it - a big win for the Prodigal Explorer. The drawback is that for some unknown reason, the amulet is attuned with summoning magic. Without warning, Ezreal may find himself acting as a champion for, as he puts it, "a summoner hell-bent on resolving some irrelevant world-shattering League conflict." Still, Ezreal feels being summoned into a Field of Justice on occasion is a small price to pay.

"There's little time to study musty tomes when you're busy crawling around where the musty tomes originally came from."


Upon selection
"Time for a true display of skill!"
"It's all skill!"
"I'll handle it!"
"No problem!"
"Time to strike!"
"Sounds dangerous... I'm in!"
"Time to get our hands dirty."
"Over here!"
"Let's go!"
"Know your environment."
"This way!"
"Got it!"
"No time to waste!"
"Who needs a map?!"
" You belong in a museum! "
"Noxians... I hate those guys..."

Beginning of the match
PEARL: "Pulsefire systems online."
  • Ezreal: "Run a quick analysis for me."
  • PEARL: "All systems operational
Ezreal: "Hey PEARL, run a diagnostic."
  • PEARL: "All systems operational."
PEARL: "Pulsefire systems online."
  • Ezreal: "Let's do this."
"Target acquired."
"They're living in the past."
"Cannons primed."
"Can't fight the inevitable."
"They don't know what they're up against."
"Scanning for real threats... none detected."
"Their weapons are a little outdated."
"Time's running out."
"All charged up."
"Weapons hot!"
"No turning back now."
"All systems charged."
"Sounds apocalyptic, I'm in."
"I'm centuries ahead of them."
"What is their position?"
"Give me the coordinates."
"Grim dark future huh? Too easy."
"I'll make my own future."
PEARL: "Ezreal, do you require a map?"
  • Ezreal: "No."
Ezreal: "What's the scanner say about their power level?"
  • PEARL: "No enemies display a power level over 9000."
  • Ezreal: "Heh, I thought so."

Ezreal prepares to fire his weapon but it malfunctions and shoots him in the face.

Ezreal: "Time for a true display of..."
  • PEARL: "Systems offline. Recharging."
  • Ezreal: "Ahhh just a sec.. ehhh!"
"There's no match for..."
  • PEARL: "Systems offline. Recharging."
  • Ezreal: "Hey. Wait. Don't.." ºbamº "Daah!... Not cool."
PEARL: "Pulsefire back online."
PEARL: "Re-initiating pulsefire systems."
PEARL: "Pulsefire systems re-activated."
Upon casting TrueshotBarrage.png Trueshot Barrage
PEARL: "Targeting."
PEARL: "Calibrating."
Upon using 回城.png Recall
PEARL: "Leaving the grid."
PEARL: "Withdrawing."
PEARL: "Returning to base."
PEARL: "Taking a break Ezreal?"
PEARL: "Warp Mode activated!"
PEARL: "Pulsefire Portal Opened"
Upon using Teleport.png Teleport
PEARL: "Engage teleport."
PEARL: "Coordinates locked."
PEARL: "Drop point confirmed."
PEARL: "Transport initiated."
PEARL: "Teleporter activated."
Upon leveling up
PEARL: "Systems upgraded." (level 6)
PEARL: "Power nearing full capacity." (level 11)
PEARL: "Pulsefire canon at maximum power." (level 16)
PEARL: "Pulsefire armor upgrades complete." (level 16)
PEARL: "All systems fully charged." (level 16)
Learning MysticShot.png Mystic Shot
PEARL: "Mystic Shot armed."
Learning EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux
PEARL: "Essence Flux primed."
Learning ArcaneShift.png Arcane Shift
PEARL: "Arcane Shift enabled."
Learning TrueshotBarrage.png Trueshot Barrage
PEARL: "Trueshot Barrage charged."


  • Ezreal has been designed by Ezreal.

Champion Sneak Peek编辑

Announcement made in the Sneak Peak by ByronicHero:[1]
As you may have noticed, we've been releasing some champions that really challenge existing gameplay paradigms. And this next one is no exception. In addition to a haircut that defies the very laws of physics, the latest and greatest from our design team is sporting some pretty edgy magical abilities. Meet Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer, a champion who breaks new ground – in both gameplay and fashion – here at the League of Legends. If you're feeling rather passionate about skill-shots these days, start getting excited, because this particular gentleman should really scratch that itch.

Pulsefire Ezreal Revealed编辑

Announcement made by NeeksNaman:[2]

Can you feel the electricity in the air?

Test drive all the high-tech advancements we've managed to cram into Pulsefire Ezreal here at the Pulsefire Armory.

Now that you've had a look under the hood, what do you guys think? Should we do the Pulsefire Ezreal treatment for other champions?

Read the Pulsefire Ezreal development diary here.

League of Legends - Pulsefire Ezreal Revealed

League of Legends - Pulsefire Ezreal Revealed

Pulsefire Ezreal Here!编辑

Announcement made by NeeksNaman:[3]


There’s been a question hanging in the air on the League of Legends forums for a while now: “Pulsefire Ezreal where?!” Well, today, we’re pleased to announce that Pulsefire Ezreal is here!

To celebrate Pulsefire Ezreal’s landing in the League of Legends, we’ll be letting you take him home for less than the price of a Legendary Skin until 11:59 PM PST Tuesday, July 3rd. Until then, you’ll be able to add Pulsefire Ezreal to your arsenal for 1625 RP – a full 50% off his base price. After the sale, he’ll return to his regular price of 3250 RP. Pulsefire Ezreal is available in the Themes tab in the League of Legends Store.

Want to brush up on your Prodigal Explorer skills before you activate your Pulsefire Armor? Check out this brand new Ezreal Champion Spotlight below.

Patch history编辑

  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux:
    • No longer reduces enemy champion attack speed.


  • MysticShot.png Mystic Shot:
    • Mana cost reduced to 28/31/34/37/40 from 30/35/40/45/50.
  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux:
    • Damage reduced to 70/115/160/205/250 from 80/130/180/230/280.
    • Ability Power ratio increased to 0.8 from 0.6.
    • Width reduced to 80 from 120.


  • Fixed a bug where MysticShot.png Mystic Shot had a different range at different levels.



  • TrueshotBarrage.png Trueshot Barrage now grants vision while in flight.
  • Fixed a bug where Ezreal would lose his run animation and appear to be "skating" after 390 movement speed.


  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux is now correctly flagged as an area effect spell.



  • Fixed a bug where MysticShot.png Mystic Shot did not interact with spell shields.


  • Adjusted autoattack animation to be more responsive.
  • TrueshotBarrage.png Trueshot Barrage: cooldown reduced to 80 from 100.
  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux: mana cost reduced to 60/70/80/90/100 from 70/80/90/100/110.


  • MysticShot.png Mystic Shot now has an additive 0.2 ability power ratio.
  • TrueshotBarrage.png Trueshot Barrage now scales additively with both attack damage and ability power instead of just the higher of the two.



  • Fixed a bug where Ezreal's ArcaneShift.png Arcane Shift could target unseen minions such as wards.


  • TrueshotBarrage.png Trueshot Barrage now scales with bonus attack damage at a 1.0 ratio or the previous AP bonus, depending on which is higher.


  • RisingSpellForce.png Rising Spell Force:
    • It now has a particle to indicate the amount of stacks.
    • Fixed a tooltip bug that stated Ezreal was gaining 15% attack speed per stack instead of 10%.
    • Fixed a bug where some of Ezreal's spells were displaying incorrect text on cast.


  • Stats:
    • Base damage increased to 47.6 from 45.
    • Damage per level increased to 3 from 2.6.
    • Base attack speed increased to 0.665 from 0.658.


  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux
    • Changed the attack speed increase to be additive rather than multiplicative.
    • Reduced the cooldown to 9 from 10.
  • TrueshotBarrage.png Trueshot Barrage ability power ratio increased to 0.9 from 0.8.



  • Stats:
    • Base damage reduced to 45 from 47.6.
    • Damage per level reduced to 2.6 from 3.
    • Attack speed per level reduced to 2.8 from 3.22.
  • ArcaneShift.png Arcane Shift can no longer be cast while rooted.
  • MysticShot.png Mystic Shot damage reduced to 35/55/75/95/115 from 40/65/90/115/140.
  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux mana cost reduced to 70/80/90/100/110 from 80/90/100/110/120.


  • MysticShot.png Mystic Shot attack damage scaling reduced to 100% from 110%.


  • Fixed a bug with TrueshotBarrage.png Trueshot Barrage where Ezreal's voice would play at the target location instead of where Ezreal was.


  • Fixed a discrepancy in EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux's level-up tooltip that incorrectly mentioned a heal.


  • MysticShot.png Mystic Shot:
    • Range reduced to 1100 from 1200.
    • Attack damage scaling reduced to 110% from 120%.
  • ArcaneShift.png Arcane Shift cooldown increased to 19/17/15/13/11 from 17/15/13/11/9.


  • Removed the heal component from EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux.
  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux attack speed buff/debuff increased to 20/23/26/29/32 from 5/10/15/20/25.


  • MysticShot.png Mystic Shot attack damage percent increased to 120% from 100%.
  • TrueshotBarrage.png Trueshot Barrage ability power ratio reduced to 0.7 from 1.
  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux:
    • The heal amount was reduced to 50% from 70%.
    • The attack speed buff/debuff was reduced to 5/10/15/20/25 from 20/25/30/35/40%.


  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux heal reduced to 70% of the damage value from 100%.


  • Stats:
    • Base armor increased to 15 from 12.
    • Base damage increased to 49 from 47.
    • Base mana regeneration increased to .9 from .8.
    • Movement speed increased to 305 from 300.
  • MysticShot.png Mystic Shot base damage increased to 40/65/90/115/140 from 40/60/80/100/120.
  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux missile width increased to 120 from 100.
  • ArcaneShift.png Arcane Shift:
    • Closest unit targeting range increased to 750 from 650.
    • Mana cost reduced to 90 from 100.
  • RisingSpellForce.png Rising Spell Force duration increased to 6 seconds from 5.

V1.0.0.79: Added.

  • MysticShot.png Mystic Shot: Ezreal fires a bolt of energy, if it strikes an enemy unit it reduces all of Ezreal's cooldowns by 1 second.
  • EssenceFlux.png Essence Flux: Ezreal fires a fluctuating wave of energy, damaging and reducing enemy champions attack speed, as well as healing and increasing allied champions attack speed.
  • ArcaneShift.png Arcane Shift: Ezreal teleports to a target nearby location and fires a homing arrow which strikes the nearest enemy unit.
  • TrueshotBarrage.png Trueshot Barrage (Ultimate): Ezreal channels for 1 second to fire a powerful barrage of energy missiles which do massive damage to each unit they pass through (deals 8% less damage to each unit it passes through).
  • RisingSpellForce.png Rising Spell Force (Innate): Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 15% for 5 seconds (Max Stacks: 5).


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