2011 Snowdown Showdown
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Chinese artwork编辑

  • Classic skin
  • Prestigious LeBlanc
  • Wicked LeBlanc


  • LeBlanc was one of the champions chosen for the Noxian pool available during the 2010 Ionian Versus Noxus Grudge Match. She was not one of the selected champions, however.
  • LeBlanc was designed by Coronach.
  • Her name might be a reference to a Final Fantasy X-2 character with the same name. In the beginning of the game, she uses illusions to trick others as well.
  • LeBlanc's name in French literally means "The White". It could be a reference to the French mathematician Sophie Germain, who used the name M. LeBlanc to attend a university despite women in her times not being allowed to do so.
  • The reflecton in her classic artwork is slightly different, possibly showing her old/true self, Evaine.
  • LeBlanc is the only character in the game with an ability that cost 0 mana at rank 3.


  • Her /joke "For my next trick, I'll make their life bar disappear." is a reference to the common stage magician routine where the performer will make their assistant or some large object "vanish" in front of an audience. It could also be connected to the false leak of her abilities, where her ultimate made her team's life bar disappear for the enemy team.
  • LeBlanc's lines "Classic misdirection" and "Lying is, like, ninety-five percent of what I do" are likely references to the TV series Archer.


  • Classic LeBlanc's artwork may be influenced by the Queen from The Brothers Grimm fairy tale and Disney movie Snow White, due to the magic mirror in the background.
  • Wicked LeBlanc is a reference to Cruella de Vil from Disney movie 101 Dalmatians, based on the famous British children's book.
  • Prestigious LeBlanc is a reference to Magicians in general. Prestigious being a common "title", and the Prestige being the final and grandest part of a magician's act.


  • LeBlanc's real name is Evaine. She no longer refers to herself by this name after taking on the mantle of Emilia LeBlanc, the Matron of the Black Rose society.
  • LeBlanc is in an alliance with Swain Swain, a former member of the Black Rose.
  • LeBlanc may be the witch that killed Vayne Vayne's parents.
  • There is a speculation that LeBlanc and the Black Rose organization are being secretly investigated by Vayne.
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