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  • LeBlanc LeBlanc is a prime candidate for a solo lane due to her high burst damage and her need to level up quickly. Distortion.png Distortion also provides her with a deceptively large radius of threat.
    • SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence is your main harassment tool, with good range and damage.
    • Distortion.png Distortion is an effective method of harrassment, as re-casting the spell will cause you to flash back to your casting position, giving an opportunity to deal damage with minimal risk of taking significant damage.
    • Combining SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence and Distortion.png Distortion allows you to deal Distortion.png Distortion's proc damage as well as silence the enemy for a safe retreat.
  • Distortion.png Distortion can be used as an escape mechanism as it can pass through thin walls.
    • Distortion.png Distortion can also be used to "juke" enemies by dashing to one location, running, then using the second activation to return to the casting point.
    • Never be afraid to use Mimic.png Mimic to double-Distortion.png Distortion out of a gank. Combined with Flash.png Flash, this should make any ganks on LeBlanc LeBlanc difficult.
  • Distortion.png Distortion can also be used as a ganking tool as it can dash through enemies and has a second activation, that allows you to blink back.
    • Distortion.png Distortion can be used for turret diving, because LeBlanc LeBlanc can jump in for a kill under the turret, and teleport back to her location. Just make sure that everything is done within 3 seconds since the teleport location will be lost after 3 seconds and you may end up being killed by the turret.
    • LeBlanc LeBlanc can also towerdive by casting Distortion.png Distortion through a wall, unleash her combo and quickly blink back out. Keep in mind how quick you should be to cast your combo and how much health you and the enemy has. Don't forget the 3 seconds needed to retain the teleport location. Towerdiving from behind a wall can also be done in conjunction with Flash.png Flash.
  • After the 500 AP Threshold, using EtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains and Mimic Ethereal Chains Mimic Ethereal Chains will actually do more damage than her sigil mimic combo.
  • MirrorImage.png Mirror Image is best used as an escape mechanism or a decoy as it does not deal damage, but still deals on-hit effect damage (like Item.png Madred's Bloodrazor).
  • MirrorImage.png Mirror Image's clone acts like a pet. It will take commands similarly to Annie Annie's SummonTibbers.png Summon Tibbers, and will stand around or auto attack if no orders are given. It is wise to move it for the means of confusing the opponent, as a stationary clone clearly betrays the real LeBlanc LeBlanc to the enemy.
    • Remember to use ALT+RIGHT-CLICK to move your MirrorImage.png Mirror Image's clone.
    • MirrorImage.png Mirror Image's clone is a champion type unit and therefore can also be hit by abilities only able to target champions such as Caitlyn 凯特琳AceintheHole.png Ace in the Hole. Take advantage of this by trying to encourage your enemies to use their powerful champion targeting ultimates on your clone by putting yourself out of site and controlling your clone like she were the original.
    • Keep in mind that your clones auto-attacks deal no damage which can give her away if an enemy notices this.
  • If you are being chased, throw EtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains on the pursuer for the slow and potential snare, giving you a better chance of escaping.
  • If you have used EtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains while you're chasing a single enemy, use Mimic Ethereal Chains Mimic Ethereal Chains to snare the enemy again and to insure the kill.
  • The second damaging part of EtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains can also trigger the silence from SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence.
  • When you end up in a team fight, you should consider utility of your spells over damage, and consider using EtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains as your Mimic.png Mimic spell for a double slow and longer snare.
  • Do not use Mimic.png Mimic on a champion that has a spell shield. Use a basic ability to break the shield first, or wait for another way to break the shield.
  • Chaining SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence with Mimic.png Mimic can provide good harassment and long silence periods early-mid game and can shut down troublesome casters later on.
  • SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence then Distortion.png Distortion is the most reliable source of damage, since the duration of Distortion.png Distortion is long enough for you to escape without putting yourself out of position. But SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence then EtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains is the safest source of damage, which gives you 4 seconds of powerful disables to kite enemy champions.
  • By selecting a target to cast SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence on while out of range, you can use Distortion.png Distortion to close the gap, then use it again to return to safety. Doing this can extend the range at which you can safely harass and ward enemy champions from gold or experience.
  • Activating Distortion.png Distortion followed by EtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains and then using SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence and Mimic Sigil of Silence Mimic Sigil of Silence can deal high amount of damage.
  • It is best to save Mimic Sigil of Silence Mimic Sigil of Silence when a team fight may happen soon.
  • For the maximum burst damage Leblanc should cast SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence followed by Mimic Sigil of Silence Mimic Sigil of Silence which will both silence the target as well as place another sigil. Then cast Distortion.png Distortion to proc the sigil from the mimic. If the target is still alive either wait for SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence to come off cooldown so you could SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence and then EtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains or just throw EtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains right away allowing you to SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence after it comes off cooldown (the cooldown on SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence is short enough for you to do this).
  • Since SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence and Mimic Sigil of Silence Mimic Sigil of Silence 's marks trigger on any spell damage, you can EtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains and then hit SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence and Mimic Sigil of Silence Mimic Sigil of Silence before the snare, and let the snare's damage detonate the mark from Mimic Sigil of Silence Mimic Sigil of Silence
  • A quick way to cast any of Leblanc's spells is to smart-cast them, either by remapping smart-cast spells to Q / W / E / R or holding shift and then hitting Q / W / E / R. When combined with the combo above you could potentially drop an enemy carry in one burst before they have time to react.


  • LeBlanc LeBlanc actually suffers from a deficiency in health. Hextech Revolver item.png Hextech Revolver could help her with this. This can also be followed up with Item.png Will of the Ancients if needed. The necessity for this, however, is null with enough skill using LeBlanc, and Abyssal Scepter item.png Abyssal Scepter, Item.png Deathfire Grasp, may be all you need.
  • Mejai's Soulstealer item.png Mejai's Soulstealer can be especially powerful, particularly if mid-laning. Be warned that due to her already snowbally nature, getting killed while using this item may cause her to fall even earlier in the game than necessary.
  • Item.png Deathfire Grasp can be very powerful for LeBlanc LeBlanc as it covers AP and an additional spell in her combo with its Active, which will make her more of a threat in the later stages of a game.
  • Haunting Guise item.png Haunting Guise can be a good early game choice for LeBlanc LeBlanc, as it increases durability and damage, while also negating early game Magic Resistance. It can also replace Sorcerer's Shoes item.png Sorcerer's Shoes in many builds, allowing the use of other boots without sacrificing Magic Penetration.
  • Two Doran's Ring item.png Doran's Rings during early game can be a very powerful build. It is a cheap and highly effective item combo that can be sold later.
  • Because Mimic.png Mimic multiplies both the base damage AND the ratios on all of her abilities, pure AP item builds on LeBlanc are often the most powerful and effective builds.
  • Due to the removal on CDR from Item.png Deathfire Grasp building a Item.png Morello's Evil Tome will help cover the CDR allowing LeBlanc to use her spells more often.


Doran's Ring  Sorcerer's Shoes  Haunting Guise 
灭世者的死亡之帽  Void Staff  女妖面纱 
Ruby Crystal  Sorcerer's Shoes  Haunting Guise 
灭世者的死亡之帽  瑞莱的冰晶节杖  Void Staff 



LeBlanc LeBlanc's is a unsustainable slow jungler with great ganks.

  • Starting items: Cloth Armor item.png Cloth Armor, Health Potion item.png Health Potion x5
  • Skill progression: SigilofSilence.png Sigil of SilenceDistortion.png DistortionEtherealChains.png Ethereal Chains → optional from here on.
  • Jungling order: Blue Golem (Smite) → Wolves → Wraiths → Red Lizard → (Gank)
  • LeBlanc requires heal and smite to jungle. Leblanc's innate will reset the Blue Golem camp otherwise.
  • Skill order: Q-W-E now upgrade Q and upgrade E next and W last (upgrade Ulti when ever you can).


  • Investing in an early Negatron Cloak item.png Negatron Cloak for magic resistance will significantly reduce her burst damage. Later in the game, you can build it into a Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil and disrupt her combo. Otherwise, if you are playing a squishy mage or AD carry, she will be able to burst you down even late game due to good scaling. Do NOT neglect MR.
  • LeBlanc relies heavily on spell combos, especially with her SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence. Try to interrupt her spell combo in the middle of SigilofSilence.png Sigil of Silence, as this will often force her back to wait for cooldown.
  • Always wait for her passive to trigger before targeting her with an ultimate like Garen 盖伦DemacianJustice.png Demacian Justice or Caitlyn 凯特琳AceintheHole.png Ace in the Hole because otherwise she will most likely get away with Distortion.png Distortion.
  • Be sure to commit to attacking her, as she can easily punish enemy champions with Distortion.png Distortion.
  • Presuring her into using both her dashes can set her up for a gank by a teammate from which she can't escape, as they both have long cooldown.
  • LeBlanc is extremely squishy so she is very vulnerable to hard cc, such as stuns and suppression, and focus. Taking her out of the fight early prevents her from being able to burst down a carry.
  • MirrorImage.png Mirror Image's stealth does not break the auto attacking AI's lock on her; allowing the autoattacking AI to continue without interruption can finish her off.
  • LeBlanc is notorious for being able to burst down AP mid laners. However, because she specializes on bursting one target, having your jungler gank during her dives will cripple her aggression significantly and cause her to fall off prematurely.
  • Warding brushes will make it harder for LeBlanc to juke using Distortion.png Distortion.

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