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Udyr Udyr is a natural jungler - TurtleStance.png Turtle Stance allows him to gain health and mana back. Putting a skill point in it at level two after taking PhoenixStance.png Phoenix Stance or TigerStance.png Tiger Stance at level one ensures effective jungling. He can also solo 20px Dragon very early in the game.

Runes and Masteries编辑


  • Udyr Udyr is a pure melee champion with no gap closers, and is thus very vulnerable to being kited.
  • Ranged champions have a better chance against Udyr Udyr due to his all melee skills.
  • Picking up Tenacity items such as Mercury's Treads item.png Mercury's Treads can reduce the stun duration from BearStance.png Bear Stance, and make him a less effective ganker.
  • When laning against Udyr Udyr, it can be beneficial to bait him into switching stances to try and initiate, after which you quickly run away. This can easily drain his early game mana pool, forcing him to regain his lost mana by either going back to the fountain or attacking minions in TurtleStance.png Turtle Stance. The latter should push the lane, giving your jungler an easy gank.
  • This can prompt the enemy to focus on leveling up TurtleStance.png Turtle Stance, lowering Udyr Udyr's mid game damage and giving you the advantage in skirmishes.
  • Udyr Udyr alternating TurtleStance.png Turtle Stance and BearStance.png Bear Stance is one of the harder champions in the game to chase down - and the stun of BearStance.png Bear Stance can easily make you regret chasing him if back-up arrives to aid him. Think very carefully about attempting to commit and kill him, and be very aware of the whereabouts of his teammates.

Champion spotlight编辑

Udyr Champion Spotlight

Udyr Champion Spotlight

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