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  • Be careful what skills you learn as Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr cannot max out all of his skills. Each skill is capped at level 5, but the max level is 18, therefore one of Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr's skills has a lower level than its full potential. This may cause players to decide between Tiger Stance Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance as their main source of damage. Tiger Stance Tiger Stance is often best suited for single target burst damage while Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance is useful for AoE damage and clearing minion waves. Depending on the skill build, sometimes it is wiser to have two skills at level 4 than to have one skill at level 3.
  • Constantly activating Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr's stances is important to increasing his damage. The attack speed and DoT from activating Tiger Stance Tiger Stance persists if you switch stances, so you can switch to Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance and get the extra burst from the third Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance hit sooner. The inverse works as well - the AD bonus from Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance improves the damage of the on-hit of Tiger Stance Tiger Stance so using both stances in conjunction is fundamental to his gameplay. The increased damage, in turn, improves the heal from Turtle Stance Turtle Stance.
  • Use Bear Stance Bear Stance to stun an enemy champion before switching stances or targets. Bear Stance Bear Stance cannot stun a unit recently stunned for 6 seconds, so it is a good idea to target another champion or to use Tiger Stance Tiger Stance or Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance to deal higher burst damage during the stun.
  • Try to time the stun and movement speed buff from Bear Stance Bear Stance so you can stun the enemy and then activate Bear Stance Bear Stance's movement speed buff to create distance to escape. If that's not enough, there's always Randuin's Omen item Randuin's Omen.
  • Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr is only melee with no ranged abilities. Therefore, he is vulnerable to kiting so avoid ranged harass and CC. You should wait for your allies to initiate and set up for you, or coordinate with them to encircle targets.
  • Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr's lack of gap-closers and high mana costs can make ganking problematic sometimes. Having a strategy for getting into, and staying within, melee range is essential.
    • A Flash.png Flash + Bear Stance Bear Stance combo is very effective during ganking as Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr's primary problem with ganking is reaching the enemy. Ask the person in the lane you'll gank if the enemy champion has used Flash.png Flash or a similar ability recently to make sure you don't waste yours or you risk your target escaping.
    • When ganking as Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr, try to hide in brush. Activate Tiger Stance Tiger Stance and, before the duration of the DoT from Tiger Stance Tiger Stance ends, switch to Bear Stance Bear Stance and stun the opponent. If done correctly you will apply the DoT from Tiger Stance Tiger Stance when you hit with your Bear Stance Bear Stance. Activating Tiger Stance Tiger Stance in quick succession beyond that will not stack but only refresh the DoT.
    • Because of Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr's high early damage with Tiger Stance Tiger Stance, a good strategy to get early kills with Janna OriginalSquare Janna in your team (using her passive), movement speed Quintessences and Boots of Speed item Boots of Speed, you can either force a Summoner spell or kill your lane opponent, by chasing them through the lane.


  • Even though Guinsoo's Rageblade item Guinsoo's Rageblade offers Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr nothing defensively, the stats it provides make it very cost effective and synergizes well with Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance. It's one of the few ability power items that offer Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr the right stats to be beneficial.


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Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr is a natural jungler - Turtle Stance Turtle Stance allows him to gain health and mana back. Putting a skill point in it at level two after taking Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance or Tiger Stance Tiger Stance at level one ensures effective jungling. He can also solo ChampionSquare Dragon very early in the game.

  • Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr has choices for jungling depending on whether which stance he relies to do damage, either his Tiger Stance Tiger Stance or his Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance or even both. Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance currently clears the jungle more quickly than Tiger Stance Tiger Stance due to the area of effect damage and attack damage and ability power steriod but Tiger Stance Tiger Stance has higher burst for more quick single target damage which may be more useful than Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance for ganks or dueling the enemy jungler and Tiger Stance Tiger Stance scales favorably into the later aspects of the game with attack damage. Deciding on which stance to chose depends on Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr's build and the player's personal preference.
  • Be aware that Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr is very mana dependent in the earlier aspects of the game because spamming his abilities with their high mana cost will easily drain his mana pool so be careful with how many times you activate his stances to clear a camp. He might need some mana regen like Crest of the Ancient Golem Crest of the Ancient Golem or at least Item Mana Potions for a second jungle clear.
  • Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr can jungle with Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance for more area of effect damage and a faster clear time. Phoenix Stance Phoenix Stance offers more starting item options than Tiger Stance Tiger Stance.

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  • Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr is a pure melee champion with no gap closers, and is thus very vulnerable to being kited.
  • Ranged champions have a better chance against Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr due to his all melee skills.
  • Picking up Tenacity items such as Mercury's Treads item Mercury's Treads can reduce the stun duration from Bear Stance Bear Stance, and make him a less effective ganker.
  • When laning against Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr, it can be beneficial to bait him into switching stances to try and initiate, after which you quickly run away. This can easily drain his early game mana pool, forcing him to regain his lost mana by either going back to the fountain or attacking minions in Turtle Stance Turtle Stance. The latter should push the lane, giving your jungler an easy gank.
  • This can prompt the enemy to focus on leveling up Turtle Stance Turtle Stance, lowering Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr's mid game damage and giving you the advantage in skirmishes.
  • Udyr OriginalSquare Udyr alternating Turtle Stance Turtle Stance and Bear Stance Bear Stance is one of the harder champions in the game to chase down - and the stun of Bear Stance Bear Stance can easily make you regret chasing him if back-up arrives to aid him. Think very carefully about attempting to commit and kill him, and be very aware of the whereabouts of his teammates.

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Udyr Champion Spotlight

Udyr Champion Spotlight

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