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Zhyun is a large mountainous island region located in the southern area of the Ionian Archipelago.


It was previously plagued by the infamous Golden Demon Golden Demon. Zhyun is known to have its own council.

Champions of Zhyun

Other Related Champions

  • Akali's Akali's tattoos were tattooed with ink made out of Raikkon berries
  • Gangplank Gangplank and his pirate crew ransacked the temple and incurred the wrath of the Shadow Order.
  • Shen Shen was instrumental for capturing and imprisoning Jhin Jhin in Tuula prison.
  • Zed Zed was instrumental for capturing and imprisoning Jhin Jhin in Tuula prison.


  • Kashuri: It is a coastal settlement located at the southern part of Zhyun island of Ionia.
    • Kashuri Armories: The armories forged traditional weapons for a long time, mostly swords and bows. The war against Noxus changed that, and they began making poor copies of Piltover's hextech weapons. Now they have been 'inspired' to make new weapons harnessing the abundant magic in Ionia, like Khada Jhin's Khada Jhin's pistol-rifle.
  • Nanthee: A settlement located in Southern Zhyun, it is where a disguised Zed Zed went in search for Jhin Jhin after his return. It was heavily destroyed by Jhin's bombs which he used for his escape to Piltover.
  • Raikkon: A coastal settlement in the southern tip of Zhyun island of Ionia. Its native berries are used for creating quality tattoo ink mixture. Xin Zhao Xin Zhao was born here.
  • Swirl Rocks: A unique rock formation located in the northern part of Zhyun island of Ionia.
  • Temple of the Jagged Knife: Located in the island province of Zhyun, it is controlled by Zed's Zed's Order of Shadows. It was previously ransacked by Gangplank Gangplank and his pirate crew.
  • Tuula: A city located in the southern mountainous province of Zhyun. Khada Jhin Khada Jhin was initially imprisoned here by Kusho, Shen Shen, and Zed Zed.
    • Tuula Prison: A highly fortified prison for one of the worst criminals in Ionia. It is the place where Jhin Jhin was imprisoned for years before being released by corrupt Ionian politicians.
  • Zhyun Highlands: The mountainous regions of Zhyun which span from the north to the south of the island.
    • Ghajan River: Located in Southern Zhyun, the Ghajan river is the area where Kusho, Shen Shen and Zed Zed finally captured Jhin Jhin.
      • Jyom Pass: A fishing settlement located on the banks of the Ghajan River. This was where Khada Jhin Khada Jhin was captured by Kusho, Shen Shen, and Zed Zed. There is a Blossom Festival held here.
    • Holn: Located in the Southern Zhyun Highlands. The Holn Mountain Road had the statue of Master Kusho, the former leader of the The Kinkou Order Crest.jpg Kinkou Order who banished a local demon, The Zogao. It is also the location where Zed Zed defeated and killed Master Althon.
    • Kotha: A village settlement in the Southern Zhyun Highlands, it was destroyed and most of its inhabitants brutally murdered by Jhin Jhin during his early years as a serial killer. It is also the location where Kusho, Shen Shen and Zed Zed first witnessed Jhin's Jhin's brutality. The village remains in ruins to this day.
    • Olgathee Forest: Located in the Zhyun Highlands, it is the place where Shen Shen banished a demon which terrorized the surrounding areas.
    • Temple of Raishai: The Village of Raishai is located in the southern part of Zhyun. The Raishai acolytes had been among the Kinkou order's most faithful, supporting the edict of pacifism during the Noxian Invasion of without question. The turmoils of the war lead to deep spiritual unrest in this area, which attracted evil spirits. It was only with the help of Kennen Kennen that this evil was dispelled.
    • Shual: A settlement located in Southern Zhyun Highlands, it is one the locations where Shen Shen and Zed Zed went to in search for Jhin Jhin after his return.
    • Sotka River: A river that originates from the Southern Highlands of Zhyun. Near Kotha it is one of the places where Zed Zed was searching for Jhin Jhin after his return. A Local Blossom Festival was ravaged by Jhin's bombs used by him for his escape.
    • Thonx: A settlement located in the Zhyun Highlands, its river caverns have numerous taverns and fishermen buildings.
      • Kwol Tavern: A river side tavern located at the outskirts of Thonx, it is the place where Zed Zed and his The Order of The Shadows Crest.jpg Shadow Order have started their search for Jhin Jhin.
  • Zhyunia: A coastal settlement located on Zhyun island of Ionia.



Kiwas are a type of fruit that can be found on Zhyun of Ionia. Its sweetness is said to help soak solemness whenever someone is too melancholy.

Raikkon Berries

Raikkon Berries are a type of flora native to Raikkon on the island of Zhyun, these berries along with the enchanted flower petals from Vlonqo are used by tattoo artist of Weh'le as tattoo ink mixture.


Xaolan trees, known for their gossamer flowers, is a type of tree from Zhyun in Ionia which leafs and flower petals are used to create white tea.


Spirit Blossom Festival


The Spirit Blossom Festival is an ancient and celebrated time in Ionia, when the door to the spirit world is opened, the dead return to their loved ones, and spirits of all manner turn their eyes towards the living. From the benevolent Kanmei, to the obsessive Akana—their stories play out again and again, like shadows on a paper lantern. Painters, musicians, calligraphers and other types of artists showcase their artistry to the public, especially children. When nightfall arrives and the Spirit Blossoms are at full bloom, the festival attendees gather at the nearest temple to release lanterns in the air while also giving respect to their fallen and deceased as well as wish for good fortunes. The war and bloodshed of the Noxian Invasion of Ionia had prevented the blossoming of the flowers, but eventually they have returned along with the festival. Some Noxians that live in or near the Noxian occupied areas of Ionia would also join in the festivity, though their presence is still met with some unease. Before the war, the infamous Khada Jhin Khada Jhin was finally captured at a Blossom Festival held in Jyom Pass in Zhyun province.


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