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For the item in League of Legends, see Zeke's Herald Zeke's Herald.

Patch History

  • Bonus attack speed reduced to 30% from 35%.
  • Bonus attack speed reduced to 35% from 40%.
  • Bonus attack speed increased to 40% from 30%.
  • Effect radius reduced to 1 hex on each side from 2 hexes on each side.
  • Attack speed increased to 30% from 18%.
  • Attack speed aura increased to 18% from 15%.
  • Attack damage reduced to 15 from 20.
  • Bug Fix: No longer gives its buff to enemy team units if re-enabled after Hextech Hextech.
  • New Effect: Now only grants attack speed to champions two spaces to the left and right of the wearer, rather than ally adjacent champions.
  • Attack speed aura increased to 15% from 10%.
V9.13 - Added
  • Zeke's Herald Zeke's Herald
    • Stats: 20 attack damage and 200 health.
    • Passive: At the beginning of combat, all adjacent allies gain 10% attack speed.
    • Recipe: B. F. Sword B. F. Sword + Giant's Belt Giant's Belt.
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