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  • Zed means "Holy Justice" or "God’s Justice" in Ionian.[5]
    • Zed's original name was Govos, but was changed to Usan "strength of compassion" by Master Kusho. Zed is the name he chose himself.
      • Thus, Zed resembles, form-wise & meaning-wise, Hebrew צדק Ṣedeq "justice, rightness", from West Semitic ṣdq[6] "to be(come) just, right".
  • Zed was born from a peasant family in Kéthé, Ionia. His father left his family when he was a kid and never returned.
  • Zed worked as a servant in Kinkou Order's Thanjuul monastery for over 2 years until Master Kusho decided to take him as his student after Shen OriginalSquare Shen purposefully let Zed hit him when Kusho wanted to test Zed's potential.
  • Zed is using a Forbidden Technique called shadow magic. He is also using shadow’s tears which are a magical ichor which gives Zed and his followers the ability to use shadow magic— (when tattooed or ingested).  [7]
    • According to Shen OriginalSquare Shen, Zed's shadow clones are shaped by his guilt and hatred and are controlling him instead of vice versa.
  • Zed is around 34 to 35 years old.[8]
  • Zed appears to be ambidextrous.
  • Zed was originally considered for the position of the Eye of Twilight before
  • The armor Zed wears in-game is considered his war armor and not what he wears during stealth missions or in his day to day life.[9]
  • Zed has a rudimentary understanding of healing from performing surgeries and healing magic.[10]
  • Zed supposedly killed Master Kusho to obtain the Tear of the Shadow for the power the Shadow Order members needed to fight back the Noxian army.


Zed OriginalCircle Original Zed
Zed GalaxySlayerCircle Galaxy Slayer Zed
  • "Before us, there was nothing. Before nothing, there were monsters." references The Lich from Adventure Time.
  • "You're already dead." references Kenshirō from Fist of the North Star.
  • "Look at the skills, look at the moves, Zed,what was that?" Is a reference to the famous fight between Faker and Ryu at the HOT6iX 2013 Summer Finals, both which where playing Zed.


Zed OriginalCircle Original Zed
Zed ShockbladeCircle Shockblade Zed
Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Ruby
Zed SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Zed
Chromaskins Chromas: Reckoning
Zed ChampionshipCircle Championship Zed
Chromaskins Chromas: Golden
  • He was released in celebration of the Season 6 World Championship.
Zed DeathSwornCircle Death Sworn Zed
Zed GalaxySlayerCircle Galaxy Slayer Zed
  • This is his first skin to reveal his complete facial features, however it is not his canonical face in the main universe.
  • In his joke animation, Zed pierce through a Odyssey Arcraptor Skitterbeak concept 02 butterfly arcrapter on blue volcanos.


  • Zed and Shen OriginalSquare Shen trained together in the Kinkou Order, lead by the latter's father Kusho. Both students saw each other as rivals, but also respected the other, seeing him as a brother and best friend. Shen OriginalSquare Shen was even a bit jealous of him (Kusho was less strict towards Zed). Master Kusho raised Zed as his own son and chose him to be the successor of his title, while Zed also looked up to him and his son as his own family. After Zed betrayed the order, their relationship soured and became ambivalent .
    • Zed, Shen OriginalSquare Shen, and Kusho worked to discover and capture Jhin OriginalSquare Khada Jhin for his brutal murders. All three of them were severely traumatized during the investigation and, when they finally caught the 'Golden Demon', Kusho spared his life. Zed couldn't believe such a monster was offered mercy, finding himself question his master's teachings to the point of heavily resenting him and ultimately murdering him.
    • Zed's resentment towards Kusho led him to delve into the shadow arts, founding the Order of Shadow and slaughtering the Kinkou while taking up residence in their old monastery. He seeks to abolish the old ways of balance while spreading his 'no restraint' philosophy, murdering any ninja who refuses to learn.
    • In spite of their animosity, Zed sought out Shen and to inform him about Jhin's release, in order to stop him together.
  • Zed kissed Shen OriginalSquare Shen's fiancé, Yevnai, before leaving the Kinkou Order and later killing Master Kusho .
    • At one point they secretly harbored feelings for each other even though Kusho forbade Zed OriginalSquare Zed from it. Zed later kissed her as a reason to leave the order.
    • The engagement of Shen OriginalSquare Shen and Yevnai was called off after Zed murdered Kusho.
  • Zed is being hunted by Kalista OriginalSquare Kalista for betraying the Kinkou.
  • Zed wants Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank dead after he ransacked the Temple of the Jagged Knife.
  • Both Rakan OriginalSquare Rakan and Xayah OriginalSquare Xayah have encountered Zed OriginalSquare Zed and his ninja clan in an attempt to save a grove from losing all its natural magic.
  • Akali OriginalSquare Akali wants Zed dead for what he did to the Kinkou Order in the past.
  • Zed favorite pupil is Kayn OriginalSquare Kayn, whom he also chose to be his successor.


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