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Your Shop icon.svg

Your Shop is a periodic RP RP RP champion skin sale. This sale is personalized based on the player's match history.[1]


Your Shop Banner

Your Shop Position

A player receives six personalized offers of skin discounts, picked based on player match history over 6 months, prioritizing champions that have been played the most. The offering is determined in advance before the shop becomes available.[2]

The listed price includes the skin and the champion (if unowned). If the champion is in the offer, the champion's icon will be placed on top of the skin. Purchase the champion separately, and the price will drop.

Not all skins can be chosen to put on sale in Your Shop. Legendary skins only appear in Your Shop during special occasions. The following skins won't be included[1]:

  • Ultimate Skin.png Ultimate skins
  • Skins released within 90 days of Your Shop's opening.
  • Limited Skins
  • Loot Exclusive Skins
  • Skins that are on sale during the offers
  • Skins not sold for RP (bundle-exclusives, Victorious skins, Prestige skins Prestige Points Prestige skins, etc.)


A Fizz skin offer including both the skin and the champion

Past Sales
  • April 28th 2022 to May 30th 2022.
  • February 10th 2022 to March 9th 2022.
  • December 16th 2021 to January 17th 2022.
  • October 7th 2021 to November 8th 2021.
  • July 22nd 2021 to August 30th 2021.
    • This sale permitted Legendary Skin.png Legendary.
  • April 29th 2021 to May 31st 2021.
  • March 3rd 2021 to March 29th 2021.
  • December 10th 2020 to January 18th 2021.
    • This sale permitted Legendary Skin.png Legendary.
  • October 1st 2020 to November 10th 2020.
  • July 23rd 2020 to August 17th 2020.
  • May 21st 2020 to June 15th 2020.
  • February 20th 2020 to April 13th 2020.
  • December 12th 2019 to January 14th 2020.
  • October 17th to November 19th 2019.
    • This sale permitted Legendary Skin.png Legendary.
  • June 29th 2019 to July 22nd 2019.
  • April 3rd 2019 to April 25th 2019.
  • December 6th 2018 to January 7th 2019.
  • August 16th 2018 to August 31st 2018.
  • June 4th 2018 to June 18th 2018.
  • March 8th 2018 to March 26th 2018.
  • December 12th 2017 to January 8th 2018.
  • September 17th 2017 to October 3rd 2017.
  • May 19th 2017 to June 7th 2017.
  • June 2nd 2016 to June 23rd 2016.
  • January 28th 2016 to February 8th 2016.
    • This sale was known as "Your Lunar Revel Shop."
  • December 16th 2015 to December 30th 2015.
    • This sale was known as "Your Snowdown Shop."