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Yordle Camp is an event on the Brazilian server that promotes positive player behavior. It debut on September 17-19, 2017[1], and recurred on April 12-21, 2018.[2]


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The server player-base is split into team Crystal or Gear, players are titled as such while ingame. Each team has a health-bar they must keep from reaching 0 until a daily timer runs out.

  • The timer lasts from 8:00AM–11:00PM BRT
  • HP is equal to a bit less than the daily average number of punishments issued on the server (No exact amount is displayed).
  • If a player is punished by the report system while the timer is active, -1 HP is incurred to their team's health. This can occur once per player per timer.
Camp Yordle 2018 Health

If a team survives the timer, those players are rewarded except for:

  • A player that has been issued a punishment during the timer.
  • A player that has not completed at least one matchmade Summoner's Rift icon Summoner's Rift PvP game during the timer.


Rewards are sent at 8:00AM the following day.

Players are rewarded a Yordle Capsule Camp Capsule that may contain one of the following:

  • Hextech Crafting Chest Hextech Chest
  • Hextech Crafting Key Hextech Key
  • BE icon 100
  • Yordle Token Camp Token (redeemable thru May 7, 2018)
    • Camp Token will redirect to the Blue Essence if you have already obtained the icon.

Combining 3 Camp tokens will reward a team-exclusive icon:

  • Gear: H-28G profileicon H-28G
  • Crystal: Veigar's Staff profileicon Veigar's Staff
   Why yordles?
Inhabitants of Demacia do not like to leave home very much.
— Riot Games Brazil

Date Reward
September 17 2017 Hextech Crafting Chest Hextech Chest
September 18 2017 Hextech Crafting Key Hextech Key
September 19 2017 Hextech Crafting Chest Hextech Chest

   Why yordles?
Have you tried to organize a scavenger hunt with Noxians? We don't think so.
— Riot Games Brazil


Acampamento Yordle está voltando! League of Legends - Evento

Acampamento Yordle está voltando! League of Legends - Evento

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