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Yeti's Vigil (Ruins)

Yeti's Vigil was a settlement located in the northeastern part of the Ridgeback Mountains in northern Freljord. It was the center of the Yeti civilization before the fell in the battle against The Void, leaving the place in ruins.


Yeti's Vigil map

Yeti's Vigil Map

Ruins of the lost yeti civilization. Where dreams swirl in snow, an unlikely friendship was born. This is the location where NunuSquare Nunu met and befriended WillumpSquare Willump.

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Yeti known as WillumpSquare Willump with human boy named NunuSquare Nunu.

Ancient & noble civilization-builders, the Yeti inteligence and wisdow was utterly connected to their magic. However, a LissandraSquare blind betrayer unleashed an icy cataclysm which decimated the Yeti civilization and robbed the Yeti of their magic, resulting in most Yeti descending into Consume savagery. Only WillumpSquare one faithfully and zealously stood guarding the little that remained of their magic, a gem that swirled with the frozen dreams of any mortal mind nearby. Though his task meant he had to find a worthy vessel for the remaining magic, the humans who came to his lair had only malice and greed in their haerts. Until one day, NunuSquare a small boy gave Willump what he truly needed: a friend! Giving the remaining magic to the boy, the Yeti and his newfound friend parted, searching to become heroes.


Nunu & Willump, the Boy and his Yeti - Login Screen

Nunu & Willump, the Boy and his Yeti - Login Screen

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