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Yasuo (Universe)Yasuo (Universe)
Yasuo (League of Legends)Yasuo (League of Legends)
Yasuo (Teamfight Tactics)Yasuo (Teamfight Tactics)
Yasuo (Legends of Runeterra)Yasuo (Legends of Runeterra)
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Yasuo (Development)Yasuo (Development)
Champion icon.png Gameplay


Way of the Wanderer

Yasuo Way of the Wanderer.png

Innate - Resolve: Moving builds Flow resource.png Flow, which is tracked on Yasuo's resource bar. At max Flow resource.png Flow, damage from a champion or monster grants a Hybrid resistances icon.png shield that absorbs 100 − 520 (based on level) and lasts for 2 seconds.

Innate - Intent: Yasuo's Critical strike chance icon.png critical strike chance is doubled, but his Critical strike icon.png Critical Strikes deal 10% less damage.

  • No additional details.

Steel Tempest

Yasuo Steel Tempest.png

Active: Yasuo thrusts forward, dealing physical damage.

Base Damage:
20 to 125 4 (+ 100% AD)
Yasuo Steel Tempest 2.png

Grants a stack of Gathering Storm if the thrust damages an enemy.

Yasuo Steel Tempest 3.png

At 2 stacks, Steel Tempest launches a whirlwind that knocks enemies Airborne icon.png airborne.

If tapped during Sweeping Blade Sweeping Blade dash, Steel Tempest will strike a circle. Steel Tempest is treated as an attack: It can Critical strike icon.png Critically Strike for 180% bonus damage and applies On-hit icon.png on-hit effects on the first unit hit. Cooldown reduction icon.png Cooldown and cast time are reduced by Attack speed icon.png attack speed

  • No additional details.

Wind Wall

Yasuo Wind Wall.png

Active: Yasuo Creates a unit wall that blocks all enemy projectiles for 4 seconds.

Wall Width:
300 / 400 / 500 / 600

  • No additional details.

Sweeping Blade

Yasuo Sweeping Blade.png

Active: Yasuo Dash.png dashes through target enemy, dealing magic damage. Each cast increases the dash's base damage by 25% up to +50%..

Base Damage:
70 / 80 / 90 / 100 (+ 20% bonus AD) (+ 60% AP)

Cannot be recasted on the same enemy for 8 seconds

If Steel Tempest Steel Tempest is tapped during this dash, it will strike as a circle.

  • No additional details.

Last Breath

Yasuo Last Breath.png

Active: Blinks to an Airborne icon.png airborne enemy champion, dealing physical damage and holding all Airborne icon.png airborne enemies in the area in the air for an additional 1.3s. Grants maximum Flow resource.png Flow but resets all stacks of Gathering Storm

Base Damage:
200 / 350 / 500

For the next 15s, Critical strike icon.png Critical Strikes gain Armor penetration icon.png 30% armor penetration.

  • No additional details.