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Xayah OriginalSkin
Original Xayah View in 3D
RP icon 975 / 18-Apr-2017
Xayah CosmicDuskSkin
Cosmic Dusk Xayah View in 3D
RP icon 1350 / 18-Apr-2017
Xayah StarGuardianSkin
Star Guardian Xayah View in 3D
RP icon 1820 / 12-Sep-2019
Star Guardian Xayah Chromas

Legacy Vault

Xayah SweetheartSkin
Sweetheart Xayah View in 3D
RP icon 1350 / 12-Feb-2018
Xayah SSGSkin
SSG Xayah View in 3D
RP icon 1350 / 20-Jul-2018



Champion Series Name Type Description
Xayah OriginalCircle Xayah1Light as a FeatherWAREnemy champions killed within 3 seconds of being hit by Featherstorm (R)
Xayah OriginalCircle Xayah1Right Through YouEMPHits on enemy champions with attacks that pass through enemies with Clean Cuts (P)
Xayah OriginalCircle Xayah1Spatial AwarenessWRDEnemy champions rooted with Bladecaller (E)


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