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Patch History

  • New Effect: Now prioritizes hitting the closest enemy he hasn't hit instead than a random one.
  • Ability damage increased to 300 / 500 / 4000 from 250 / 450 / 2000.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where he was not affecting enemies for the first 0.25 seconds of his spell.
  • Base health increased to 950 from 850.
V10.6 - Added
  • Wukong LancerStratusCircle Lancer Stratus Wukong
    • Tier 4 Chrono TFT icon Chrono Vanguard TFT icon Vanguard.
    • Cyclone Active - Cyclone: Spins rapidly around in 1-hex radius, dealing 250 / 450 / 2000 magic damage to nearby units over 3 seconds. The first time he hits each enemy, he Airborne icon knocks them into the air and Stun icon stuns them for 2 / 2 / 5 seconds. Knocking is not stacking.

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