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    "What is the worth of a soul?"
Thresh Thresh

Wraiths are the predominant undead found on the Shadow Isles. These twisted spirits are remnants of their former selves that were ripped away from their living bodies by the Black Mist that oozed out of the Ruined King's the Ruined King's broken heart. The stronger a Wraith's sense of self is, the stronger it will be as a result.

Higher Wraiths, who have a strong enough sense of self, can take on a corporeal form after death, regaining some or all of the features they once had.

Lower Wraiths, like LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png2 Mistwraiths, can not take on a corporeal form on their own and instead became an amalgamation of souls without a form.


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The apparitions of the Isles are often mournfully referred to as "the Lost." For the most part, a dead soul trapped in the Shadow Isles will slowly diminish forgetting who it was in life.

However, the most powerful wraiths retained much of their personality and desires even after the Ruination, becoming predatory spirits who may stalk the weak and vulnerable for all eternity. Any mortal who sets foot upon the Shadow Isles will attract "the Lost". However, some of them are not aggressive. An innocent with a good heart who lands on the Shadow Isles may be met by a spectre with a benevolent or empathetic nature, who will try to lead the person to safety.

While some lesser wraiths are entirely ethereal, and relatively easy to bind or destroy, the most powerful beings on the Isles have proven themselves to be essentially immortal. Over time, these spirits' appearance will likely change to reflect their most essential qualities. This ultimately means that the most powerful spirits can only be vanquished by eliminating the source of their power, the Black Mist and by extension, the Ruined King the Ruined King.[citation needed]

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