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By Jared Rosen

Worldbreaker is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a mythological setting, all of the champions are mesoamerican-like deities that hold the fate of the world in their hands.


Ezreal 282
"How many worlds can you break? One? More than one? ...Two?"
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal

In the end, the moon will smother the sun. And in that hopeless dawn, four titans will rise to shatter the world itself.

First destructive cycle
  • Worldweaver - Karma SunGoddessCircle Sun Goddess Karma
    An ageless being in whom the sun rises and sets, Karma is the key to an ancient prophecy spelling doom for the world. When she is overtaken by the moon, four titans will rise up from the depths of the earth, annihilating all life.
  • First Titan - Nautilus WorldbreakerCircle Worldbreaker Nautilus
    The first of four titans prophesied to shatter the world, Nautilus is set to rise when the moon smothers the sun. It is said he will emerge from the sea, heralding a great cleansing tide that will wash away all of mankind.
  • Second Titan - Trundle WorldbreakerCircle Worldbreaker Trundle
    The second of four titans prophesied to shatter the world, it has been foretold that Trundle will appear when the moon smothers the sun. In that darkness, he will rise in the north, blanketing all of creation with frost until the land is cold and silent.
  • Third Titan - Hecarim WorldbreakerCircle Worldbreaker Hecarim
    The third of four titans prophesied to shatter the world, Hecarim will begin his hunt when the moon smothers the sun. Riding from the south, his rampaging shadow will be cast across the land, infecting the living with dread and darkness.
  • Fourth Titan - Nasus WorldbreakerCircle Worldbreaker Nasus
    The last of four titans prophesied to shatter the world, Nasus is the true end of all things. A monstrous abomination of smoke and flame, he will emerge from the bottom of the earth in a column of hungry fire, devouring all of existence.
Second destructive cycle
  • Worldweaver - Maokai WorldbreakerCircle Worldbreaker Maokai
    An immense tree-like golem, Maokai grew from the very roots of the world, charred though they were by the last annihilation. Burdened to revive the world after every destructive cycle, he wanders for all eternity, reseeding the earth with his magical saplings, making way for the renewal of life… only for it to be undone once more.
  • Fifth Titan - Malzahar WorldbreakerCircle Worldbreaker Malzahar
    With the world revitalized, there came another wave of titans. Most fearsome of all was Malzahar, the once-great protector of animals. Vengeful over the horrors of the previous extinction, the holy shaman succumbed to anger, and there, in the depths of his rage, his magic turned dark, fueling a fury to end all life—from the depths of the seas to the peaks of mountains.
  • Sixth Titan - Sion WorldbreakerCircle Worldbreaker Sion
    A once towering fortress toppled during the last annihilation, the thing called Sion was given consciousness by Malzahar, and raised up to become the purest titan of death and destruction. Now, imbued with ravenous hatred, he blasts the terrain with every step, hellbent on culling any instance of life.


Prophecy of the Worldbreaker

Worldbreaker PoW lore 01


In the end, the moon will smother the sun. And in that hopeless dawn, four titans will rise to shatter the world.

First comes the flood from the depths, drowning cities as they sleep.

Second comes the frost that stills the oceans and freezes the deserts.

Third comes the rampaging shadow, blanketing the world in dread.

And when time ends, fourth comes the final fire, devouring every ill-fated soul in sight.


  • The skin line was heavily inspired by mesoamerican mythology.



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