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Shurima Guardians Of Knowledge

Nasus OriginalSquare Nasus and Ryze OriginalSquare Ryze at the Archives

World Rune Archives are located in eastern Shurima and The Great Sai.


World Rune Archives map

World Rune Archives Map

Long before Shurima rose again from the sands, Ryze and the Ascended scholar Nasus delved into a ruined archive beneath the Great Sai… and awakened its protector.

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  • Nasus OriginalSquare Nasus came to the Archives to aid Ryze OriginalSquare Ryze in his search for the World Runes.
  • Ryze OriginalSquare Ryze came to the Archives in search of World Runes.


Ryze, the Rune Mage - Login Screen

Ryze, the Rune Mage - Login Screen

Ryze Call of Power Cinematic - League of Legends

Ryze Call of Power Cinematic - League of Legends

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