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Wonders of the World is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in an alternate Earth, each champion represents the culture of a real world nation.


  • Festival Queen Anivia Festival Queen Anivia
    For one week a year, Anivia takes a break from being a prophetic ice spirit of the Freljord, and takes off for warmer climes… somewhere people will appreciate her samba.
  • Panda Teemo Panda Teemo
    Pandas aren't naturally aggressive towards humans, but this isn't a panda. It's Teemo dressed as a panda. Stay alert.
Denmark / Iceland / Norway / Sweden
  • Viking Tryndamere Viking Tryndamere
    Vikings believed that death in battle was a ticket to the eternal realm of Valhalla. Tryndamere's signature ability is being unable to die. You… you're seeing the issue here, right?
  • Oktoberfest Gragas Oktoberfest Gragas
    Gragas is the world's premier authority on beverages. Here, at the international beverage festival and funfair, he's drinking a lot of them.
  • Myrmidon Pantheon Myrmidon Pantheon
    “They say the Myrmidons were shaped by the gods—that Zeus himself quickened life into magma. But then, the Myrmidons marched. They marched against us. And in the ash of their skin, the fire of their merciless eyes, I saw all the wars that humanity had wrought. That they... were us.”
  • Shamrock Malphite Shamrock Malphite
    Malphite is a twenty-ton rock man who used to be part of an even larger rock that was destroyed, leaving him orphaned on a distinctly un-rocklike plane of existence. The guy could use a little luck.
  • Dynasty Ahri Dynasty Ahri
    Ahri's dynasty is one of stylish traditional fashion, and wrecking opponents with deadly spirit magic. Why have one when you can have both?
  • Masked Shaco Masked Shaco
    A practitioner of masked dance drama, many of Shaco's performances begin as social commentary on the plight of the working class, and end with a random audience member being stabbed in the spine. It's a show worth seeing if you don't think about that last part.
Lithuania / Poland / Serbia
  • Winged Hussar Xin Zhao Winged Hussar Xin Zhao
    A member of the vaunted winged hussars, Xin Zhao is one of the last standard bearers of a military order tracing its roots back to the late 17th century. Of course, his progenitors didn't ride an army of armored black pegasi into battle, but you know how it is.
  • Bear Cavalry Sejuani Bear Cavalry Sejuani
    Sejuani has taken to battle on an armored, one-eyed warbear the size of a shed, while swinging a land mine on a chain, wearing a delightfully vintage red-star hat. Good luck out there!
  • Muay Thai Lee Sin Muay Thai Lee Sin
    Known as “the art of eight limbs”, Muay Thai is a multidisciplinary fighting style practiced by boxers for centuries. Lee Sin, who has mastered many forms of hand-to-hand combat, is among its greatest champions.
  • Sultan Gangplank Sultan Gangplank
    Gangplank is a ruler from a distant land, and tales of his battle prowess and flowing red beard have reached even the farthest-flung city-states. As all rulers from distant lands, he also sports a snappy hat.
  • Sultan Tryndamere Sultan Tryndamere
    Tryndamere is a ruler from a distant land, and tales of his impossible strength and distinctive mustache have reached even the farthest-flung city-states. As is the rule rather than the exception with rulers from distant lands, his hat is exceptional.
United States of America
  • Statue of Karthus Statue of Karthus
    At the entry point of one of the world's most powerful nations stands the three-hundred-and-five-foot-tall statue of an evil, undead preacher holding a giant torch. Sometimes it comes to life. It's fun. Statues are fun.
  • Uncle Ryze Uncle Ryze
    Uncle Ryze wants YOU… to get on the rift!



Gragas Oktoberfest Comic.jpg

The Masquerade

Masquerade Lore 1.jpg
Exists a time of the year in which the people from various corners of the world celebrate the joy of living. Between music and dances, the entire town goes out to show their fantasic costumes, the champions being a source of inspiration. The most creative marchers reinvent their admired characters!

Masquerade Lore 2.jpg
Only that sometimes, as distracted that they are in the party, they forget that there are other places, let's say, a bit less colorful... like the Howling Abyss, where life elapses grey for the charming little poros. Is it that they don't have the right to have fun like everyone else?

Masquerade Lore 3.jpg
Fortunately, someone showed compassion for these little creatures and decided to prepare them a very special surprise.

Masquerade Lore 4.jpg
After a while, this mysterious benefactor (or benefactress?) left a present to the little inhabitants of the lugubrious bridge, something that will doubtlessly leave them very happy. Now the poros will also be able to celebrate the joy of living by donning on costumes of their favorite champions!

Masquerade Lore 5.jpg
Would be possible that we ever discover who's behind all of this? This is but one of the many surprises that brings... The Masquerade.

Wings of Revelry

Anivia FestivalQueen Splash Concept 01.png

Runeterra Crest icon.png


Wings of Revelry

Battling in a World of Gray... Or Partying All Day? Sound, Color and Ecstasy on the Wings of Revelry!

The Festival's Muse has Landed

Anivia FestivalQueenSkin.jpg

The Festival Queen is here

And so the drums will sing out

The Festival Queen is here

And so the dancing may begin

Welcome, bird of paradise

Wings up! Wings up, up, up

Welcome, bright muse

Wings down, wings down, down, down

Thank you, Samba Queen

For letting us begin

Thank you, Samba Queen

You hatched the party from its egg.

ARAM-ARAMA: The Roadtrip



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