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Wolves are are feral canines that roam the Runeterra's countryside. "Sub-species" mentioned are not necessarily genetically linked with each other, but they do share appearances to the real life Earth Canis genus.


The young riders of the Freljord Winters Claw.png Winter's Claw are given a wolf pup the moment they can hold a weapon. Their upbringing is devoted entirely to battle--the wolf trained to savage and maim, and the rider to pillage and steal.

The image of the Wolf is used as Wolf's Mask profileicon.png the harbinger of Death all across Runeterra. This spirit is most of the times acommpanied by its Lamb's Mask profileicon.png merciful counterpart.


  • While not directly stated in lore, it is likely that most Runeterran dogs originate from wolves just like on real life Earth.


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