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Wing-Eared Devours are large deep sea fish that live in the seas around the Serpent Isles.


Their key features are their numerous tentacles, their wing like fins, as well as their anglers that they use to lure prey so that they can gobble them up in their large mouths with sharp teeth.


Vastayan LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png5 sea hunters can be seen hunting these creatures.

Ballad of the Wing-Eared Sunken Lady

"I was sailing just the other day,
Out beyond Bilgewater Bay,
When, from the depths, she came my way,
the Wing-Eared Sunken Lady...
She swallowed me whole, me skiff and me soul,
So I'm singin' this song in her belly,
And now I must wait 'til I meet my fate,
In the Wing-Eared Sunken Lady."
— Ballad of the Wing-Eared Sunken Lady