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Windspeaker's Blessing is a tier 6 Cunning Keystone mastery. [1]


Patch History

  • Removed due to Season 2018.
  • Replaced by Revitalize rune Revitalize.
  • Tooltip Correction: Windspeaker's Blessing does boost self-heals and self-shields, but the casters themselves don't gain the bonus resistances.
  • Bonus armor changed to 5 − 22 (based on level) from 15% of target's armor.
  • Bonus magic resistance changed to 2.5 − 11 (based on level) from 15% of target's magic resistance.
  • Level is taken from the highest between the caster and the target.
  • Added
  • Tier 6 Cunning Keystone mastery with 1 rank.
  • Your heals and shields are 10% stronger. Additionally, your heals and shields on allies increase your target's armor and magic resistance by 15% each for 3 seconds.


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