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Wildcards are tokens that can be traded for any card of the same rarity.


You can buy Wildcards in the Store with Coins, purchasable with real-life currency, or you can earn them as rewards for progressing within the game.

Wildcards come in all four rarities:

  • LoR Common Wildcard icon.png Common - 10 Coin 10
  • LoR Rare Wildcard icon.png Rare - 30 Coin 30
  • LoR Epic Wildcard icon.png Epic - 120 Coin 120
  • LoR Champion Wildcard icon.png Champion - 300 Coin 300

Change Log

  • Updated System: Removed limitations on the amount of wildcards that can be purchased in the store each week.
    • Previous System: A limited number of additional wildcards are available in the Store, which is replenished with a new stock each week. The number of cards in stock does not roll over to future weeks.
      • 3 Champion Wildcards
      • 3 Epic Wildcards
      • 6 Rare Wildcards
      • 6 Common Wildcards

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