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For the Brawler, see Razorfin (Black Market Brawlers)
"Born out of malice, blinded by hate;
Cunning, deceitful; lying in wait,
Malevolent, evil; oh god it's free,
Coarse, drooling; please don't eat me."
— Origins of the Wharf Rat, Riot Development Article

RazorfinSquare Wharf Rats, or Razorfins, are amphibious quadrupeds which are a terrifying blend of shark and rat commonly found on the docks of Bilgewater.Their young are usually found near Butcher's Bridge.


Some of the adults of these species are also called Razorfins. They were once used to keep the wharf clean of debris, hence their name.

These creatures are larger than dogs and are known to prey upon drunks and lone fishermen on moonless nights. They often travel in packs, and are easily capable of biting a man's leg off. Their lithe streamlined bodies allude to their speed; their teeth to their ferocity. The Wharf Rats are armed with poisonous barbs in their tails, though most people don't survive long enough to see them. Criminal circles often train these creatures to seek out and hound high-value targets. Indeed, once a Razorfin draws blood from its target, only death will deter it.

Wharf Rats are equal parts contempt, agility, and sharp pointy teeth. They're more closely related to sea cobras than rats. No one has survived long enough to see the underside of a Wharf Rat, but it's described to probably not bepleasant. Nowhere is safe from these predators since wharf Rats have the capability of swimming like a shark or scurrying like a rat. If confronted by a Wharf Rat, humans are instructed make themselves appear large and unappetizing, or just they hope they properly notarized their Last Will and Testament. Dock workers sleep on raised cots to avoid being eaten by Wharf Rats in their sleep. Wharf Rats also enjoy Poro-Snax item Poro-Snax, but usually it involves eating actual Poros as snax. Wharf Rats are the mortal enemies of bilge-lions.


  • Wharf Rats were designed by Mark Gibbons, Max 'Beezul' Gonzales, Jue 'Kaolala' Wang, Nick 'Nickstravaganza' Matthews, and Kevin Freeman.

Origins of the Wharf Rat

By Glyceroll[1]

"The Bilgewater team knew they had a HUGE dilemma early on. They needed a replacement for poros on the Bilgewater ARAM map or the entire event would surely crash and burn quicker than Gangplank's ship.

The main concern was that the creature had to fill the same niche the poro fills -- providing memorable interactions but not distracting from the actual gameplay. The team needed to bring this creature to life and make it unique enough to stand against the enormous poro fanbase.

A few early iterations of the poro's replacement were far too cute -- like an octopus that waddled around on its tiny tentacles and walruses. The team needed something adorable, but terrifying, while being aesthetically fitting for the run-down, waterlogged terrain of Bilgewater.

Concept art of the wharf rat, shown below, was a product of early Runeterra explorations (deep dives on the people, flora, and fauna) done by Riot's Foundations team. It was the perfect choice for Butcher's Bridge."



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